Withings Activité Steel – Activity & Sleep Tracking Watch Review

The Withings Activité is a smart watch that defies the modern chargeable tech by Apple and Samsung. It encompasses all the traditional watch characteristics while offering advanced upgrades.

It is an attractive watch that performs activity tracking including swimming and is ‘Smart Bluetooth’ enabled. At a glance, it doesn’t look like it can perform all these feats, but it does!

The main module of the watch is enclosed in a stainless-steel case. While it does not come with very advanced features seen in modern smart watches, this is a great device for people who like their watches stylish and conventional.


Withings Activité Steel - Activity & Sleep-Tracking Watch Review

  • The Activité syncs with the Withings’ Health Mate App which is available on Android and iOS. The watch has a tiny button at the back that you need to prod with a small metal pin that comes with the package, 5 times. On doing this, the watch syncs with the App through Bluetooth 4.0. Once it is paired, you need to calibrate the watch hands. Then you get all your data synchronized on the App.
  • While the watch itself does not display any reminders or notifications on the watch display, it silently tracks your health and fitness data like steps, distance, calories burned and sleep. All the tracked data is displayed on the Health Mate App. It has a silent alarm that vibrates and that can’t be snoozed.
  • You need to set your goal on the App and the watch tracks your Activity in the background. As you progress, the blue progress indicator on the watch dial moves.
  • You can add your friends or family on the Leader board in the Health Mate App and compete against them.


  • The Health Mate App can be linked to partner Apps like RunKeeper, Google Fit, BodyMedia, Nest, and Nike+ FuelBand.
  • The Withings Activité tracks four activities namely, Walking, Running, Swimming, and Sleeping. It may not be the best tracker in the world, especially for serious runners because there is no in-built GPS.

Withings Activité Steel – Activity & Sleep Tracking Watch Review:


Withings Activité Steel - Activity & Sleep-Tracking Watch Reviews in India

  • The Activité is a very stylish watch.
  • Performs basic Activity and Sleep Tracking.
  • Good Battery Life.
  • It is waterproof and tracks swimming.
  • Syncs with the Health Mate App and provides detailed insights.
  • Superior watch design.



  • No Notifications or Reminders on the watch display.
  • No GPS or advanced functionalities like Heart Rate Monitoring.
  • This is an expensive watch.
  • Not ideal for in-depth tracking.

The Withings Activité is best suited for people who prefer their watch stylish and traditional. You don’t need to charge this device like other smart watches.

The Fitness Tracking is high performance and the style quotient is pin-point excellence. While it is not 100% accurate for serious sport professionals, it does its job pretty well.

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