5 Weighing Scales with Height Measurement [For Adults & Babies] in 2018

One of the major advancement in the field of weighing machines is that now weighing machines have the ability to measure the height, body-mass index, our body liquid content, fat content and various other features that once humans never expected to have in a weighing machine.

So if you’re a person who tracks your weight and height very often, then below are the five best machines which can serve the purpose of both weighing your body weight and measuring your height.

Weighing Scale with Height Measurement

Best weighing scales with height measurement in India:

The weighing scales which we have listed below are capable of showing your accurate height without any discrepancies.

#1.Indosurgicals Height Measuring Scale With Digital Weighing Scale:

best weighing machine with height measurement option to buy in India

This is one of the best weighing scales you can use to weigh both your weight and height. It is capable of measuring heights of any feet that humans grow.

It has sensors attached to it which helps in the accurate measurement of your height. Though it is a quality product, it is expensive than most other height measurement devices in the market.

#2.NET Height Measuring Scale, Floor Model With Mechanical Weighing Scale:

It can measure heights up to 250 cm. It is made of good quality material and so it doesn’t get broken easily. It has 2 years warranty.

This product can be used by both men and women.  This floor model height measuring scale attracts many people.  They are manufactured in different types of colors.


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#3.Indosurgicals Height Measuring Scale With Mechanical Weighing scale:

top weighing scale with height measurement devices in india

Not only it is used to measure the height but also it  displays the height of your body without any error. It is the floor model. It is preferable for both men and women.

It is specially designed as a mechanical weighing scale and so there is no chance of a single error.  It can measure the maximum height of up to 2 meters. It costs cheap and so  this height measuring scale attracts customers than other machines.

#4.MCP Electronic Digital Baby Infant Pet Bathroom Weighing Scale With height Scale 20kgs:

best baby weighing scale with height measurement in india

It is mainly designed for babies alone. This device weighs up to 20 kilograms. The color of the device is blue. It is made of plastic. It is used to measure the weight of a baby as well as the height.

It is considered safe for babies. No problem arises while using this type of height measuring scale.

#5.MCP Height Measuring Scale:

It can measure up to 2 meters height. It is based on a floor model.  It has been manufactured in different types of colors. It is used to measure the height of a person .This type of device can be used by both men and women. It costs cheap and so people show their eagerness towards this height measuring scale. It will display the correct results.

Go through all these scales and pick one that best serves your purpose. 

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