Which Weighing Scale Is More Accurate For Measuring Body Weight-Analog or Digital?

Most people always have doubts about choosing the best weighing machine. As you know there are two types of weighing machines namely, analog and digital weighing machine.

Having an accurate weighing machine will help you in most situations. So what is the most accurate weighing machine? Whether it is analog or digital weighing machine. Read on to find out which one gives more accurate results.

Which weighing scale is more accurate for measuring body weight

Analog weighing machine:

Analog weighing machine use a mechanically functioning system which works for a long period of time. Different analog weighing machines have different capacities. Most commonly used analog weighing machines have a capacity of 120 kg.

The display provided in analog weighing machines are comfortable for you to view the measurements. You will have to closely watch the reading scale to find the right measurement. But when it comes to accuracy, analog weighing machine lacks when compared to that of digital weighing machines.


It is because analog weighing machine functions mechanically and hence they are unable to display gram measurements.

Digital weighing machine:

The digital weighing scale is a device that uses to measure your body weight. It is now very much popular among the people as it gives the accurate measurement. The digital weighing machine is portable so it can be placed anywhere else in your house.

The digital weighing scale gives an accurate weight measurement. The measurement of the weight is done by the spring in the device. Some of the digital weight measuring devices helps you to monitor the fat, BMI, fluid and the body weight.



Analog or Digital:

Both analog and digital weighing machines provide the accurate measurements in terms of kilogram, it is not recommended to use analog weighing machines to measure grams or other minute measurements.

Analog weighing machines were widely used before several years when digital weighing machines were not in existence. But ever since digital machines came into the market, the sales of analog weighing machines rapidly decreased due to the increased accuracy of digital machines.

Digital machines have now developed the capacity to show body mass index, fat content, height and has various other features.

So if accuracy is one important thing which you are expecting in a weighing machine, then you have no other choice to go except the digital weighing machines.

But analog weighing machines have a very long life and are also capable of withstanding hard situations and rough handling while digital weighing machines are unable to withstand rough handling, usage near water and it also requires changing the battery every now and then.

If you are looking for accurate weight measurement appliance then go for digital one and if you are looking for not so delicate device for mass usage and no maintenance then go for analog.

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