5 Top Weighing Machines With BMI Measurement to buy in 2018

There are so many weighing machines that are capable of offering body mass index measurement at present. This article has a list of five best weighing machines with BMI measurement so that you need not do the hard work of searching around the web to choose the best weighing machine.

Knowing your body mass index will help you in so many ways and will encourage you to follow your fitness routine.

Weighing Machines With Bmi


Top weighing machines with BMI measurement:

We have chosen these five weighing machines based on the previous customer reviews, price,their quality and popularity online in India. 

#1.Omran  HBF- 375 Body Composition Monitor:

best weighing scale with BMI measurement in India

It will sense the full body which includes fat level, body weight percentage, skeletal muscle percentage, etc. It will indicate the accurate weight of your body without any error.

Four memory presets is used to keep the result of your body weight for 90 days. Within these 90 days,  the body weight will be stored in this weighing machine. This machine will be used to indicate the amount of fat which is present in your body.


#2.Omran HBF- 306 Body Fat Monitor:

Best weighing scale with body mass index measurement

It is a hand-held weighing machine. It is portable and so you can carry this device everywhere. You can check your body mass index whenever you want.  The memory of this device can store the weight of nine persons.

It will display the metabolic rate of your body and provide a graphical representation of your body. You can get to know about the fat level, skeletal level, etc. It is suitable for all the persons.



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#3.Equinox  BR- 9808 Mechanical Personal Scale:

Top weight measuring machine to track body mass index in India

In this weighing machine, you can easily read the measurements. It  costs expensive than the other weighing machines.  It weighs up to 120 kg. It can calculate the body mass index accurately without any error. It can be safely used in homes.



#4.Fitastic Elite BMI 6-in-1 Body Analsys F50  Personal Weighing Scale Batteries included Black Glass Finish:

top weighing machines to measure body mass index in India

This design attracts many people. After entering the age, height and gender in the machine it will display the body mass index, basic metabolic rate, the thickness of the bone, water content in your body, muscle ratio and amount of  fat in the body.

If it gets overloaded or the power gets low, the weighing machine will get automatically switched off. A special type of sensor is present in it to determine the weight of the person correctly without any error.

#5.Samson Mechanical Personal Scale:

best weight machine with BMI option to buy in India

In this weighing machine, one can easily read the measurements.  It may occur in different colors. It is used to indicate the overload and low power.

It can be used in different places like home, hospital, office, etc. This weighing machine won’t produce any error. It will provide you the correct results. The memory of  the weighing machine can store the weight of 10 persons.

From the above-mentioned weighing machines, you can  easily calculate the bmi of your body. Go ahead and pick the one that serves you the best.

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