Venus Silver Personal Electronic Digital LCD Weight Machine Review

Venus Silver Personal Electronic Digital LCD Weight Machine is very well suited to health conscious individuals inclined towards maintaining vitality of their body. It has a weighing range of 5-180 kg and has a strong built. The G Sensor technology employed ensures a high degree of precision in its measurements.

Constant vigil of one’s weight with the use of this weighing scale would help one in forming proper diet plans in order to keep the weight within checked limits.Venus electronics offers many weighing scales in Indian market and could refer Top 10 best Venus Electronics weighing scales in India here.

Venus Silver Personal Electronic Digital LCD Weight Machine Features:

Venus Silver Personal Electronic Digital LCD Weight Machine Review - good Body Fitness Weighing Bathroom Scale Weight Machine

  • It is Super Light-Weight and is made up of Tempered Glass
  • Has G Sensor for accuracy and equipped with Sense On Technology
  • Weighing range 5-180 Kg, Units are KG/LB/ST
  • Venus Provides Limited Three Months Warranty


The product is for anyone who has a heart filled with love for one’s own body. It is also ideal for gym trainers and health instructors who might want this machine to help their clients.

It is very much suitable for daily use and resonates with needs of the modern professionals who have a dearth of time to seek professional care for one’s body on a regular basis and rely on themselves to keep track of their body weight and thus their diet.

Venus Silver Personal Electronic Digital LCD Weight Machine Review:


  • The product is equipped with Step-on technology i.e. it gets activated the moment you step on it; the scale deactivates itself when you step off it thus saving battery power.
  • It is also provided with a highly sensitive and precise G-sensor and thus is highly accurate and measures weight accurately to 100 grams.
  • The scale displays weight in three different units which are kg, pound, stone, thus facilitating the customer to measure in a unit you are comfortable with.
  • The scale also has an indicator to inform the user if the battery is running low.


  • The scale has an error margin if the weight exceeds the limit of 180 kgs thus the very speciality of the scale is no longer there one weight more than 180 kg steps on it.
  • Certain customer reviews have shown that the scale measurements vary over a period of minutes and thus its observations sometimes may not turn out to be of high accuracy.


Final Opinion:

The product is available for not too high a price and claims of a high degree of precision in its observations owing to the latest technology employed in taking weight.

Certain users have not had a particularly good experience with the scale but the majority of the users seem to be too happy with the product. Thus overall, the product seems to be a worthy piece of machine to invest one’s money in.

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