Various Weighing Scales we could see in our daily life

Weighing scales are mainly used to assess the weight and the same weighing machine may not be useful for all the purposes.

You may need to weigh in your jewellery or your luggage or your personal weight or your kitchen items or for other reasons.So,you will need to have different weighing machines for each purpose for better results depending on for what purpose you need the weighing scale.

Remember how weight used to measure in old days and even now in some small shops (see the below)

Various weighing scales available in India

There are many different weighing scales you could see like

  1. Personal weighing scale
  2. Bathroom weighing Scale
  3. Kitchen weighing scale
  4. Jewellery weighing scale/Gold weighing scale
  5. Luggage weighing scale
  6. Hanging weighing scales
  7. Baby weighing scales
  8. Weighing scales for shops
  9. Commercial weighing scales
  10. Portable weighing scales
  11. Industrial weighing machines
  12. Weighing scales with BMI measurement option
  13. Weighing scales with Height measuring option
  14. Weighing scales with body composition monitor
  15. Pocket weighing scales

Personal or bathroom scales are mainly used to measure weights from 5 kg to 180 kgs and are used at home to mainly track weight of each person in the family.There are different models available and you could get these in the price range of 500 to 2000 rupees.For cost around 100o rupees,you could get a good quality weighing machine which will last long.


Kitchen weighing scale as the name suggests used to weigh kitchen items like vegetables,fruits and other items with maximum weighing capacity around 10 to 20 kgs. These are low cost weighing scales and you could get one for around 300 rupees only.

Jewellery weighing scale is very accurate weighing scale which is used to measure weights of ornaments, gold or other items. The weight should be correct even in milligrams in these weighing machines.

Various weighing machines seen in our day to day life in India

Luggage weighing scale is used to measure weights of luggage and is generally weighs up to 50 kgs.These are very useful for people who travels frequently by air.

Hanging weighing scales are used to measure weights of heavy items or your luggage as well.

Baby weighing scales are used to track weigh of babies at the comfort of your home.They are mainly used in children hospitals as they need to check the weight of babies on regular basis and a great addition to your home as well as you could track your baby weight from your home itself.

Weighing scales for shops varies from shop to shop depending on what business they do.A grocery shop may need a weighing machine with maximum capacity up to 20 to 30 kg.If the business is related to rice or other items in huge quantity then they may need very high capacity weighing machines.

Commercial weighing scales are some what similar to above model but mostly used to measure heavy weights in hundreds of kgs.

Portable weighing scales are very small instruments which you can carry any where and the same can be used to measure small weights in grams or some portable machines can be used to measure luggage weights up to 50 kg.

Industrial weighing scales are used in small to medium to large scale industries to measure huge weights like hundreds of kgs or thousands of kgs.


There are some weighing scales which come with Body Mass Index measurement option and they help you to track you BMI as well along with weight.

There are some scales available which provide an option to check height as well.These are very helpful if you have got a baby at home.You could check your baby weight and height regularly to make sure your son/daughter is healthy.

There are few weighing scales which provide option to check other details like water content,visceral fat level, body fat, body weight, body fat percentage, skeletal muscle percentage and subcutaneous fat percentage.They are called body Different weighing machines seen or used in our day to day life in Indiacomposition monitors.

Pocket weighing scales are very small weighing scales ,which are used to track small weights in grams and have a capacity of below 1 kg.

Most of these scales are digital ones and mostly battery operated.Old type analog weighing scales are also available which are still popular with some people.

If you are looking forward to buy a weighing scale,we have come up with a list of top ten best weighing scales to buy from online in India . You could go through the list and pick one that best serves your purpose.It definitely saves much of your search time and also helps you to pick one of the best machines available in the Indian market.

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