4 Major Uses of Weighing Machines

Weighing scales are commonly used everywhere to measure the weight of any item. Weighing scales are in existence from before thousands of years.

Earlier people used to weigh the items by using stones. They place stones on one side and the item on other side and calculate the weight in number of stones.

But things are not the same now, we have a variety of weighing machines which can accurately weigh 1 gm to several tons. Some of the benefits of weight machines are mentioned below.

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Uses of Weighing Machine

Benefits of Weighing machines:

Weighing machines have several uses. It is used all over the world for many purposes. In many places like shops, industries, airport, jewelry, courier office, and scientific laboratories use these weighing machines. Some of the important uses are listed out here.


There are several weighing machines that exist to weigh the mass or quantity of an item. The beam and the pivot used in the machine is the simple form of machine.

In olden days the weighing machines were using analog method to calculate weight. These weighing machines do not give the exact measurement of weight. Now a days the digital weighing scales are used commonly by all.

#2.Commercial Use:

First use of weighing machines is to measure the weight of products in commercial transactions. The restaurants and shops use the machine to weigh the food items.

Weighing items is very necessary to calculate the price of the item. So the exact quantity has to be measured. It is used in various industries and offices.

Courier office and airports also use the weighing machines to measure the quantity of the goods.  Floor weighing scales are used in the veterinary hospitals to check the weight of the animal. It can even weigh large animals.



Weighing scales are used to measure the weight of the body. It helps you to maintain a good diet and will keep you healthy.

Weighing machines can help you to deduct whether you are overweight or underweight. The BMI can also be calculated by this weighing scale.

Hence the weighing scales are very much useful in tracking your health. Check your weight daily so that you can able to maintain the diet.

If you try to lose weight, then measuring your weight will be the perfect choice. Measuring your weight daily will motivate you to do exercise regularly. It also will help you to maintain a good diet and stay healthy.


The chemical and scientific laboratories use the weighing machines to measure the solutions. To make a concentrated solution you have to weigh the water and the solution in grams.

Only then the result of the solution will be perfect. Weighing machines will help you to get the equation for the solution. The labs use the machines for the accurate measurement of the solution.

The weighing machine is used for many purposes. The digital weighing scales are now used everywhere instead of the previous analog ones.

Digital machine gives the accurate measurement of an item or the people. 

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