4 Types Of Weighing Machines

A weighing machine is a device used for measuring the weight. It is now commonly used everywhere to weigh the items. The weighing machines have a variety of types. Some of the types are listed out below.

Types of weighing machines

#1.Spring Scale:

Another name of spring scale is Newton Meter as it measures the weight in Newton. The structure of the spring scale is the hook at one end and a spring at another end. The Hooke’s law states that the distance of the spring is proportional to the force extend the spring.

This works according to the Hooke’s law. If the spring scales are used frequently then they can be easily stretched. So this is not almost used to measure the item.

The days when they used this type of scale have gone. The spring scales helps in measuring the item by the hook in the machine.

The spring scale also has the both digital and mechanical scale. The analog or manual scale gives the measurement by the load placed on the one end. The digital weighing machine is very easy to handle. It also gives the accurate measurement of the item.


#2.Floor Scales:

The floor scales are used in industries. It is used to weigh large items. The floor scales can weigh items of 500 kg to 10,000 kg.

These are mainly used in heavy industries and veterinary clinics. It does not need any maintenance as they do not have any extra adjustment.

It can be used to weigh even large animals like elephant. The machine will be placed on the floor hence they got the name as Floor scales.

The floor scale is very strong so that it can weigh very large items. They are also used in weighing bridges where vehicles stand over them to weigh the goods loaded on them.


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#3.Platform Scales:

The platform scales are used in the daily routine. The scales are used in super market and small scale industries to measure the quantity of any item.

It can measure the weight of up to 1000 kg to 5000 kg. So it is popular in shops to weigh the items.

The electronic scale of platform scale is widely used for the exact measurement of an item. The platform scale is widely used for measuring the things to get accurate measurement.

It helps to handle the heavy load on the machine.The electronic scale of the platform scale has the built-in-processor.


#4.Bench Scales:

The bench scales are used to measure the grams or kilograms. It is small in size. The bench scales are used in airports, courier offices etc.

It helps to weigh the goods coming in and goods going out. The jewelries also use the weighing machines to weigh the gold in grams.

The bench scales should be placed in the room temperature. This is due to the air in the machine will cause the mild differences in the weight measurement.

These are some of the major types of weighing machines which are available today in India.

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