Salter Full Body Analyser Scale Model 9124 Review

Measuring your weight, body water, mass, muscle, body fat, BMI as well as BMR requires precision. The Salter Full Body Analyser Scale Model 9124 serves as your complete home body analyzer.

This is the case regardless of whether you are a first time dieter or if you are already an established full time fitness fanatic.

With a super sized back-lit display which serves to allow for maximum visibility, this 9124 full body analyser scale from Salter is designed exclusively to help you understand the total health status of your body as well as allow you to keep close track of weight loss and overall fitness.

Salter Full Body Analyser Scale Model 9124 review in Inida

You will be glad to learn that the scale has memory for up to 10 separate users and a large platform which is characteristic of generous foot room.

This makes it possible to use the scale to be used by all the family bearing in mind the fact that it also displays a clock when not in use.  

This body composition monitor, has proven to be one of the exclusive, light weight and generally simple full body scale which records several parameters such as water rate, bulk, fat rate, BMR and BMI to mention the least.

You will be glad to learn that this scale is by far one of the trendiest and compact weighing gadget which has been found to perform efficiently even to first time users.

Some of the things which sets it apart from other full body scales include the fact that it is designed to store data for up to 10 users, it also has a very beautiful platform to stand on, it is also characteristic of a  fairly sleek and compact body with maximum display visibility. 




Salter Full Body Analyser Scale Model 9124 Review :

  • The scale’s body is made of glass plus it has a comfortable platform which has a big display as well as display clock (which comes active when not in use).
  • The scale works on dual battery power and also doubles up as a full energy saver.
  • The scale is designed to measure multiple functions such as the body fat, muscle mass, water content, BMR and BMI.

  • The scale is extremely accurate and readings are easy to read.
  • The scale promptly always shows the correct measurements as soon as you set foot on it.
  • The scale provides easy grip on the feet when stepped on. It is also manually operated plus it is very easy to carry or move around.

In addition to all of the above, it is also very important to note that the scale is extremely economical and affordable to all class of people.

You will be glad to learn that a wide range of people can also make use of this scale since its maximum capacity is 200 kgs. In fact, people from different age groups can easily update their weight with the help of this analyzer scale.

Everything taken into consideration, the next time you are out shopping for a full body scale, you should seriously consider trying out this particular scale.

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