Salter 9069 Teal Bathroom Weighing Scale Review

This Salter 9069 Teal Bathroom Weighing Scale has maximum weighing capacity of 180kgs and measures accurately to 100gm. The scale has dimensions of 30 * 30 * 15 cc and it is thus very slim and compact in size and is not a nuisance to store it.The scale is adequate for usage in personal care.

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Salter 9069 Teal Bathroom Weighing Scale Features:

Salter 9069 Teal Bathroom Weighing Scale Review

  • The product is Large and it has very Slim Toughened Glass Platform
  • It also offers a display which is Easy To Read
  • It has step on technology for Instant Reading
  • The Product has Dimensions 30* 30 * 1.5cm
  • Maximum weighing capacity of 180 kgs


The product is ideal for people who are on diet plans and need to check their weights regularly, people who have to monitor their weights regularly due to medical reasons, health enthusiasts.The product is also good for gym trainers.

Salter 9069 Teal Bathroom Weighing Scale Review:


  • The product has a highly precise and accurate sensor system to check the weight accurately.
  • It has toughened glass body thus it is strong and durable. It has a good classic look to it and goes along or co ordinates with your bathroom.
  • The product is from the most trusted UK’s precision weighing brand Salter which has had more than 250 years of successful run it this field in many countries across the world.
  • It takes in use a lithium ion battery thus is efficient.


  • The product is made from toughened glass but it is glass none the less and thus it has chances of breaking and requires careful handling.
  • The glass surface might become slippery in wet conditions in the bathroom.
  • The product at times shows error in measuring the same weights. The difference is at times more than 0.5 kgs.


Final Opinion:

The product is strong and durable due to its toughened glass body, the product is precise in its work, not very expensive to buy, it is excellent to use in bathroom and other places as well due to its classy look and thus these are the features which outweigh the few cons of the product.

The product has been praised and has received positive feedback from users at various online shopping websites and when it come with a two year warranty at various sites at this price, then this is a very good item one can purchase.

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