Omron HN 283 Digital Body Weight Scale Review

This HN 283 weighing scale from Omron is best suited for personal care. The product has a weighing range of 5-180 kgs.This scale is slim and compact in its dimensions and thus it is easy to store.

The scale has silver glass and tempered glass coating for toughness.This scale can be used to monitor your loss or gain in weight helping you in your dietary plans.

OMRON company is a very popular brand across the world for it’s affordable and quality health care devices. They offer wide variety of devices like weighing scales, body fat scales (Best Body fat analyzers in India list here), body composition monitors(Best Body Composition monitors in India),Thermometers,BP monitor ,Blood sugar monitors and other related devices.

Some of the popular Omron devices are Full Body Sensor Body Composition Monitor in India from Omron ,OmronHBF 375 affordable body composition monitor in India and Digital personal weighing scale from Omron .

Omron HN 283 Digital Body Weight Scale Features:

Omron HN-283 Digital Body Weight Scale Review

  • The product is Robust
  • The scale is highly Accurate
  • It has automatic on and off system
  • Ultra slim design
  • Light in weight
  • 4- sensor technology
  • Weighing range 5-180 kgs


The product is good for gym trainers, people who are very cautious about their weight and people who have to monitor their weights for various medical reasons.

Omron HN 283 Digital Body Weight Scale Review:


  • The product is equipped with 4-sensor accuracy technology and is thus highly accurate and it measures weight accurately to 100 grams.
  • The product has automatic on and off technology i.e. it will get activated the moment you step on it; the scale deactivates itself when you step off it thus helps in saving battery power.
  • Affordable cost
  • Omron Brand


  • The product is robust but the glass used in the manufacture at times proves to be brittle thus the product is damaged in a few cases.
  • The product has problems in auto reset and requires tapping every time reset is required by the user


Final Opinion:

In my final opinion I would say that the scale has few cons but the product has much to offer, it has many more fabulous pros. The price of the product is fairly low and having these qualities at such a price, I think it is a good deal for people who require this accuracy or keep tabs on their weight regularly. It is a very nice deal one can score on.

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