Nova Weighing Scale Review- Perfect For Kitchen

Nova weigh industries was started in 2003 and is based out of Punjab,India.They manufacture and export all types of digital weighing scales and accessories.They have weighing scales ranging from 300 gm capacity to 100 mt capacity.

They offer wide variety of weighing scales under different series like Bench series,counter series,platform series,jewellery series,tabletop series and crane series.You could check the Nova company website from here

Nova weighing scale is one of the popular brand available in the market which is used in the kitchen. It is particularly designed such that it offers maximum convenience when used in the kitchen.

This article reviews nova weighing scale for kitchen so that you can decide whether it is useful for your daily needs.

Nova Weighing Scale Review

Nova 5 Kg electronic Kitchen Scale Review:

With the help of this weighing device, one can measure the food items very easily. Place the item on the scale and within few seconds it can display the results.

It is made of high quality materials and so it is not easily breakable. You can weigh up to 5 Kilograms. Beyond this weight, the device might produce wrong results.

An additional lithium battery is provided in this machine. As it contains an additional battery, it is very useful to replace the battery once it gets drained without the need to find a store. 

The results are displayed on the digital screen which is visible very clearly. The memory of the device is used to store the weight  for a maximum of 90 days.


With the help of the instruction manual, one can understand about its operation. It can display the results in multiple units.

This machine is designed with automatic on and automatic off function. When the food item is placed on the weighing scale, the device will switch on automatically and when the device is not used, the weighing scale will get switched off  automatically.

No one is needed to on or off the weighing machine. As the battery is made of lithium, it won’t easily break.

Based on the quality, type and color, the cost of the weighing device will vary. Good quality and attractive color weighing scales cost expensive. It can be used in the kitchen, office, hospital, etc. As it is portable, you can carry this device easily from one place to another place without any risk.

It also has a sound indicator which indicates when there is any overload on the weighing scale or when the battery is about to drain so that you can replace the battery.

Nova weighing scale is used to measure the weight of the food items like fruits, vegetables, etc. When placing food items in the weighing scale make sure they are placed in neat manner.

We hope that this review of Nova weighing scale served the purpose. Nova weighing scale has both positives and negatives. But the positives overcome the negatives when it comes to choosing a kitchen weighing scale. It is the perfect fit with the right features and size.Go ahead and buy if you are looking for a good & reliable kitchen weighing machine.

There are many other popular weighing scale manufacturers in India and you could look out for Healthsense weighing scales or Healthgenie weighing machines or OMRON weighing machines or EQUINOX weighing scales.

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