Metis 200 kg Capacity Electronic Industrial Weighing Scale Review

The product is an industrial grade weighing machine suitable for measuring objects of varying shapes and sizes not exceeding 200 kg of weight. This is an electronic weighing machine and has a sturdy body fully made up of iron. It is black in colour. The product is covered under a manufacturer’s warranty extending till a year from its date of purchase.

Metis 200 kg Capacity Electronic Industrial Weighing Scale Features:

Metis 200 kg Capacity Electronic Industrial Weighing Scale Review

  • The machine works on electronic principle and hence guarantees a high degree of accuracy in its observations extending till 20 gm.
  • The range of its tolerable weight is 200 kg which is quite suitable to general industrial and other commercial requirements.
  • It has been provided with a burly build completely made of iron.
  • It has a large platform of the dimensions 20×20(inches).
  • The maker of the product has had the stamping certificate attached and also provides a warranty extending till one year from the date of purchase.


This machine comes under the category of industrial weighing machines hence it is built to give a heavy duty performance. It can also be used in shops where weighing operations are undertaken on a regular basis of heavy and large objects. It may be used in malls, shopping complexes and enterprises involved in myriad of businesses.

Metis 200 kg Capacity Electronic Industrial Weighing Scale Review:


  • The sturdy built of the machine allows it to be conveniently used in not-so-delicate work atmosphere which makes it ideal for use in industries.
  • Its extended weighing range is a major boost to its list of features.
  • It also boasts of precision in its readings till one-fiftieth of a kg.


  • The look of the machine has not been taken much care of since it is designed for use in industries so it might not take the brownie points on its looks.
  • Certain industries might find the range of this machine to be lacking at 200 kg.
  • However, that does not mean in any way that it might fail to find use in any industry.
  • Many industries will find this range to be very much suitable to their requirements.
  • Also the scale is available only in black colour. Colour variations for the machine are not available.


Final Opinion:

The scale is what any industry needs- a rough and tough gadget built to last long and to churn out accurate readings. The platform provided on the scale is large and thus allows for objects to be easily positioned regardless of how large or small they may be.

The price is also about right for the product. Overall, it is a good buy for the industrialists and business owners out there who might find use for this machine.

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