MCP Electronic Digital Baby Infant Pet Bathroom Weighing Scale 20 kgs Review

This digital electronic weighing scale by MCP is suited for weighing infant babies. It has a range of 20 kg and has graduations at intervals of 5 gm.The product is white in colour and is made up of ABS Plastic. It utilizes 4 AA batteries which are not included in the package.The product will help you for keeping track of your infant’s weight.

MCP Electronic Digital Baby Infant Pet Bathroom Weighing Scale Features:

MCP Electronic Digital Baby Infant Pet Bathroom Weighing Scale 20 kgs Review

  • The building Material is ABS Plastic
  • Available in White colour
  • Weighs Up to max 20 kgs
  • Has 5 gram Graduation

It is also provided with 30 different baby tunes so that your little bundle of joy may have a pleasant time getting weighed. It has different units of measuring weight namely kg and gm.


The product is ideal for young parents who may use this to keep record of their baby’s weight in order to keep track of their young soul’s health.It may also be used by child care clinics since it is provided with a memory function to record and store 10 memory settings.

MCP Electronic Digital Baby Infant Pet Bathroom Weighing Scale Review:


  • The scale is provided with an elegant finish and the material used in manufacturing the scale is not fragile in nature.
  • To the convenience of the customers the scale displays the weights in two different units which are kg and gm.
  • It works on 4 AA size batteries.
  • It also has the memo function built in.


  • Colour variations for the product are not available and the product is available only in white colour.


Final Opinion:

The user reviews on the product are mostly excellent. The product has a strong built and is aesthetically taken care of as well. It has a high degree of precision in its weighing operations and the units of measurement may be varied among kg and gm too.

The only drawback is that it is available only in one colour but it seems to be a minor issue. Overall, it does not have any considerable draw-back and may be considered to be a good buy for your home or clinic at the price offered.

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