Massage Chair Selection Guide – This is how to select a Good Massage Chair for your Home or Office

Do your legs start paining or swell up after coming back from a long tiring day? Do you feel the need for a foot massage at that time?

Well, that’s a common situation now where people are getting overburdened with work pressure, and this arises the need for a good massaging therapy that can relax their both mind and body after coming back to home.

Massage chair selection guide in India - Tips to follow to choose best one for you

In today’s age, it is a known fact that massaging chair is a new addition to the comfort section of people. However, its functionality still remains unanswered.

The selling proposition of most massaging chairs is to provide maximum comfort to legs through Paramount reflexology mechanism.

However, this much of information is not enough to make up our minds for buying a good massaging chair because our question is –

Does a massaging chair really work?

A massaging chair is customized in the way that offers you the level of comfort you deserve. The machine follows a number of massaging techniques or pre-loaded programs that offer a number of holistic benefits.

To relax your body and mind, massage chair uses smooth sliding strokes with light pressure to release knots or adhesions in the tissues of our legs and muscles.

However, no automated machine can replace the proficiency of a professional massager; still, these chairs are a good value for money that can relax your body after a long tiring day at work.

The operation of the massaging chair is governed by different techniques that can relieve your back problems to some extent. It works on different massage strokes and therapies such as –

  • Kneading Stroke
  • Knocking Stroke
  • Rolling Stroke
  • Pressing stroke
  • Vibration massage
  • Reflexology

So, next time, when you ask this question to yourself “does massaging chair really work? Your answer will be “Yes”.

What to look for while buying a good massage chair?

Massage chair selection guide in India - This is how to choose a good one for your home or office

So, you have made up your mind of buying a massage chair. Are you getting confused on which one to choose? Don’t be.

Yes! It is true that buying the right massaging chair is a difficult task as it is not like shopping for groceries or clothes.

There are much information and tips required for buying a good massaging chair that can provide the utmost comfort you deserve.

So what’s the solution? Do a lot of research and compile information.

Here you will get some helpful tips on how to choose a quality massaging chair. Let’s have a look at them –

  • Check out the quality of the motor. This is the most important device based on which the chair functions. You must make sure that the chair is of good quality. Assess the ratings of the chair to make sure that your purchase is worth your investment.
  • Make sure that the chair includes all massaging techniques you want the most as not all massage chairs are equipped with above mentioned techniques.
  • Carefully check out the material of the chair with which it is made of. The chair must have adjustable reclining angles which you can change according to your requirements and make use of your experience relaxing every time you sit on it.
  • Consider the brands of your massaging chair. It is always important to choose a reputable and well known brand than those unknown small manufacturers. They offer quality products with warranty. Moreover, they offer good after-sale service and try their best to fulfill customers’ requirements.
  • Choosing the latest model is always important as it ensures that your product is built as per latest technology and design. Just like other electronic gadgets and cell phones, the latest models are equipped with lots of features and updates.
  • Consider the price of these robotic chairs. These types of chairs come with expensive price tags. You must check out all the functions of the chair and analyze whether it is worth such a hefty investment or not.

Keeping all these above mentioned points in your mind while buying, you can observe massaging chair is a working wonder for you.

However, if you have undergone any back surgery, you need to consult with your doctor first before using. The doctor may advise on the intensity of the massage which you need to follow.

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