JSB MZ16 Luxury 3D Full Body Massage Chair vs JSB MZ17 Comfort Relaxing Massage Chair for Home & Office

Who doesn’t want a massage chair? Nobody. Everybody wants one. But the reason why they aren’t so popular in the Indian household, or even office spaces for that matter, is their price, predominantly.

Sure, they come with a lot of cool features. These massage chairs can definitely help you relax and relieve some of the stress that remains bottled up in your body after a day’s long work.

Since it’s a high-profile purchase, people think more than twice before making the purchase. Naturally, they end up on the internet, looking for  different models that fits their budget.

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In this article, we look at comparison between two different models, in two different price ranges. One, is a high-end model. The other, on the lower end. Looking at both the ends of the spectrum, will give you perspective and in the end, make your final decision easier.

JSB MZ16 Luxury 3D Full Body Massage Chair:

JSB MZ16 Luxury 3D Full Body Massage Chair vs JSB MZ17 Comfort Relaxing Massage Chair for Home & Office

This is the more expensive model, the one closer to the higher end of the price range. But what’s this price for?

Some of this chairs distinguishing features include, five different automatic modes, like pain relief, upper body, lower body etc.

Two different memory modes, that allow the user to save their favourite massage, which adds convenience in the long run and in terms of spot massages, this models comes with a lot of options, ranging from specific areas in the back to even the intensity at which one wants the massage at.

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Zero-gravity massage, is another massage mode that this chair comes with. Considerable thought has gone into the design of this chair, ensuring that despite it’s size, it doesn’t utilize too much of space.

JSB have tried to justify it’s high price by packing it with features. Apart from the ones mentioned above, the massage chair has approximately six different massage functions, too. All in all, it won’t be an exaggeration to call this, a complete massage chair.

JSB MZ17 Comfort Relaxing Massage Chair for Home & Office:

JSB MZ16 Luxury 3D Full Body Massage Chair vs JSB MZ17 Comfort Relaxing Massage Chair for Home & Office

Perhaps, one of the best budget massage chairs available in the market. Yes, despite the still high price, this can be considered to be a budget massage chair.

What makes it one of the best? Well, for it’s price it has a lot of features, much like the model above, in fact they have a lot of similar features too.

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Auto massage modes, spot massaging and a number of different massage functions to choose from, the common denominators in these two models.

There are massage options for a wide range of body parts, fingers, calves, ankles etc. included.

It also has a memory mode, but perhaps less sophisticated in comparison to the one that the model above has. When you look at power consumption, that too, is quite decent, utilising 150W only.

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