JSB MZ11 Zero Gravity Massage Chair Review

JSB healthcare is one of the leading brand in home health care products. The company is based in New Delhi (India). The company has almost over 30 years of experience of dealing in health & medical devices.  JSB healthcare offers products with authentic quality, genuine price and assured after sales service.

JSB healthcare has its company motto: striving hard for your good health !

MZ11 Zero Gravity Massage Chair is a new product released in the category of maasage chairs by JSB.


JSB MZ11 Zero Gravity Massage Chair Review

  • The machine offers functions like kneading, tapping, kneading plus tapping, air squeeze and rolling
  • The massager is equipped with 3D body scanning that measures the length of the spine
  • It has the Zero gravity recliner chair and spot massage option to target specific zones on your back
  • The device may be adjusted to any user height, a blessing for short heighted people
  • The device has 1 year on site door step warranty and AMC available
  • The device has 3 zero gravitation angles which elevates your legs for releasing the pressure from head to toe
  • The machine provides an Expert stretching massage which is excellent for reliving early morning body stiffness


The machine has a Power consumption of  230 watts.

Weighing  109 kilograms, the machine has 15 minutes auto timer per mode (can be increased up to 30 minutes) and dimensions are 140cm(l) x 83cm(w) x 123cm(h).Chord Length is 78″.


JSB MZ11 Zero Gravity Massage Chair Review:

JSB MZ11 Zero Gravity Massage Chair Reviews in India


The device has Four auto modes and options to customize your massage therapy.

It also offers Manual modes such as targeting individual zones like foot, arms and back.

It has Air bags massage from shoulder to feet, 18 air bags, 4 rollers on the back, nodal acupressure massage on calves and feet.

The machine will offer much which may include

  • Full Body Relaxation ,Stress Relief
  • Reducing Anxiety and Depression
  • Relieving Muscular Pain, Removing Body Stiffness
  • To reduce muscle ache in old age
  • To Overcome neck pain, lower back & feet pain, Fatigue and Tiredness



The product is very much expensive and is more of a luxury item than a necessity thus it would be a very big decision to buy it because it does concern a lot of money.

The product is big thus managing space for it might become a problem in a few cases.

Final Opinion:

In my final opinion I would say that the product does have only one big flaw which is it’s expensiveness but in the other hand it has more pros and if we do not concentrate much on the price then having these qualities, I think it is a good deal for people who want to experience a relaxing moment any time they want and who want a luxurious massage and can afford to spend this amount of money.       

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