Healthsense Weighing Scale Review – The best personal weighing scale in India

Healthsense is latest entrant to home healthcare products in India.It was founded very recently in 2014 and is based out of Bengaluru.

Healthsense is famous for it’s best selling weighing scales in India. In addition to weighing machines, they also offer Pedometer,leg and foot massager and backrest cushion.

Healthsense weighing scale(List of scales @ FLIPKART) is one of the best personal weighing scale in India. It is available in different colors and is best preferred by thousands of customers across India.Check the company website if you are looking for more information about this company.

This healthsense weighing scale review will show the positives & negatives of this weighing machine so that it would be easier for you to make a buying decision.

Healthsense Weighing Scale Review in India


Helathsense  PS 126 Ultra Lite Personal Weighing Scale Review:

Best personal weighing scale in India - Healthsense weighing machine

Healthsense offers around 4 weighing scales in India and they are
Soft grip personal scale PS 135
Ultra lite personal scale PS 126
Leather lite personal weighing scale PS 130
BMI personal scale PS 150

Here we are going to discuss about the most popular among healthsense weighing scales, the PS 126 personal weighing scale.

This weighing scale is lighter in weight than other weighing scales. It can weigh up to 180 kilograms. It will display the measurements in the dark grey backlight with the white color font.  The readings can be identified very easily without any difficulty.

Because of the presence of sensors, this weighing device doesn’t produce any error and will provide you the accurate results. This product has one year warranty. This is used by hundreds of men and women as their bathroom & fitness weighing machine.

Results are displayed clearly so that we can view it very easily without any difficulty. Operating & handling this device is very simple and easy.


  • Light weight weighing scale.
  • A special sensor to avoid the error .
  • Results displayed in LCD screen display.
  • Made of Plastic.
  • Step on technology is provided to understand the results clearly.


1.As  this weighing scale is portable, it can be carried easily from one place to another place.

2.You just need to stand on the machine and the results will be displayed instantly without any delay.

3.With the help of step on technology, a person can get the accurate measurements.

4.Results are  displayed very clearly.

5.It won’t produce any error. and can weigh up to 180 kilograms.

People will get attracted easily due to its structural appearance. It  costs less than other similar weighing machines which makes people prefer this model over other ones.

The instruction manual will guide you to use this weighing scale. Even the children can operate it without any fear.

The measurement will not disappear until 6 seconds after you get down from the weighing machine.

Things You Need to Consider while using this personal weighing machine:

Always keep the weighing scale in one constant place. While measuring the weight of your body, stand steady on the machine and do not keep moving over it because moving over it might cause extra load which may lead to inaccurate results.

You have to step on properly otherwise the machine tilts one side.

If there is an indication of low battery, replace the battery so that there may not be any discrepancies in the results.

Healthsense weighing scale is thus one of the most attractive and best personal weighing machines available in the Indian market. It is not priced very high and is very good buy for the money you pay for it. Considering the amount you pay, this is definitely a great investment for your health and day to day activities.

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