HealthSense Soft-Grip Personal Scale PS 135 Review

The PS 135 weighing scale by Health Sense can be used for personal use and has a weighing range of 5-180 kgs.

Healthsense famous for personal weighing scales and offers some of the the best selling weighing machines for personal use in India.

This scale weighs only 1.6 kgs and is very slim & compact in its dimensions.This scale can be used for personal use to monitor your loss or gain in weight helping you in your diet plans.

PS 135 personal weight scale Features:

Healthsense soft grip PS 135 personal weighing scale review

  • It has Stylish Aluminum Side Plated surface
  • It has G Sensor for high accuracy along with Sense On Technology.
  • Maximum weighing range 5-180 Kg, Units are KG/LB/ST
  • Comes with limited one year warranty


Healthsense PS 135 soft grip weighing scale review:


  • The product has highly sensitive and precise G-sensor and thus is highly accurate and measures weight accurately to 100 grams.
  • The product is equipped with Step-on technology i.e. it gets activated the moment you step on it; the scale deactivates itself when you step off it thus saving battery power.
  • The scale displays weight in three different units which are kg, pound and stone, thus facilitating the customer to measure in a unit he is comfortable with.
  • It also displays an error margin when the weight exceeds a limit of 180 kgs.
  • The scale also has an indicator to inform the user if the battery is running low.


  • Costs couple of hundred rupees more than similar models.


This Health Sense soft grip PS 135 weighing scale is ideal for gym trainers, people who are extremely cautious about their weight and people who have to monitor their weights for medical reasons.

Final Opinion:

The PS-135 personal scale is a very quality weighing scale and is also one of the most preferred scale online.

If you are looking for a good quality weighing scale for personal weight management at home or gym,then you should go for it.

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