Healthgenie Weighing Machine Review: Why Should You Buy It?

Heath genie is an Indian brand which is famous for it’s weighing machines . If you are in a confusion to choose a weighing machine, then this is one model which you have to definitely look at.

Continue reading this review so that you can find out the advantages of healthgenie weighing scale.

Healthgenie Weighing Machine Review

Healthgenie Digital Weighing Scale HD-221, Pink colour Review:

Healthgenie weighing scale review

Healthgenie has got different weighing scales under it’s belt and most of them are same in functionality but differ in colours and quotes.

We will discuss about HD 221 weighing scale from Health genie here.

This device comes  in pink color and it attracts people just by its color. The platform of this device has some inspirational quotes.

The platform of this weighing scale is designed for flat surface and so that people can easily stand on it. It will display the accurate results within few seconds . This product comes with one year warranty.

Because of the presence of Lcd display, one can view the results very clearly.  It can weigh up to 180 kilograms.


Features Of Healthgenie Digital Weighing Scale:

It is designed with four sensors technology and so the device won’t produce any error while calculating the readings.  

It will indicate when the battery starts to get low so that you can replace the battery. Memory present in the device is used to store the results for maximum 90 days. 

This machine comes along with an instruction manual which will help you to handle it right.

The platform of the weighing scale is made of tempered glass for security. It can bear weight up to 180 kilograms.

The glass is in black color and the quotes printed on it is in white color. 


Advantages of Healthgenie Digital Weighing Scale:

Quality is one of the best advantages of this weighing scale. Since this is made of tempered glass one cannot easily break it and hence this machine is comfortable to be used by children above the age of three years.

The LCD display present in the weighing scale offers a clear view of the readings.

It switches on automatically when a person or weight is placed on the machine and shows the result instantly. When the weighing scale is not in use, the machine gets automatically switched off. 

It has a sound indicator which will indicate you when it is overloaded or short of battery.

There are different colors available in this product. The price varies depending on the color you choose. Pink is one of the most attractive and best selling model among all other colors.

Healthgenie digital weighing scale has so many features and advantages.  The notable features are the automatic on/off, sound indicator, easy to handle and attractive color options.

If the design, features and price of healthgenie digital weighing machine attract you, you can go ahead and buy it .

It is one of the good affordable weighing machine that money can buy as of now. Let us know your comments on this product once you purchase it.

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