Fitbit Surge Ultimate Fitness Super Watch Review

The Fitbit Surge is made for Athletes and sportspersons who treat Fitness like a Religion. It is an advanced Tracker cum sports watch that performs basic activity tracking along with heart rate monitoring.

And thanks to the built-in GPS, you no longer need to tag your phone along every day during workouts. This device is aimed at providing a complete sport watch experience for serious runners and athletes by providing insightful data to enhance their workouts.

Even though the Apple Watch and Samsung’s Gear Fit have surpassed the Surge, people still prefer Fitbit for its superior software and dedicated performance.


Fitbit Surge Ultimate Fitness Super Watch Review

The Fitbit Surge comes equipped with 3-axis accelerometers, a gyroscope, a compass, an ambient light sensor, GPS, and a heart rate monitor.

The 3-axis accelerometer, the 3-axis gyroscope and the digital compass combine to track steps, distance travelled, calories burned, floors climbed, elevation and active minutes.

The back is fitted with a heart rate monitor that excellently measures resting heart rate but isn’t reported to be accurate during workouts.

The Heart Rate technology PurePulse uses a series of LED lights that are deemed safe on the underside of the module. It detects blood volume and changes in capillary size under pressure.

The PurePulse technology is made of algorithms that collect and display accurate data about workout intensity and calorie burn in the form of charts and graphs.

This information can be seen in detail on the Fitbit App. During exercise and workouts, the heart rate monitor syncs data at every 1 second and at other times, it performs data syncing at 5-second intervals.

Activity Tracking is more accurate and reliable in the Surge compared to all other Fitbit models.


The Surge is bulkier and larger in appearance compared to other Trackers. The display is a grayscale touchscreen that is a bit difficult to read outdoors in bright sunlight and is also dull and lacking appeal.

The Surge does not have third party application support, nor does it display email notifications. Only call and text message notifications are displayed.

Fitbit Surge Ultimate Fitness Super Watch Review:


Fitbit Surge Ultimate Fitness Super Watch reviews in India

  • A sport watch that provides automatic heart/sleep tracking and efficient activity tracking.
  • Accurate and insightful data.
  • Best device for sportsmen/sportswomen. Performs excellently.



  • Very basic display and dull design.
  • Expensive device.
  • GPS accuracy is mediocre.
  • Limited smart watch functionality.
  • Not waterproof.

Dedicated fitness freaks will find that this is the best device in the market that fulfils all their sport and activity needs.

It’s not a very attractive device so don’t buy it if you’re looking for using it as an everyday watch. For the high price, the design, GPS accuracy and lack of third party app syncing can seem like a major let down. Overall, the Fitbit Surge is an excellent Sport Watch.

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