Fitbit Aria Black Colour Wi-Fi Smart Scale Review

The Fitbit Aria is a Smart Scale that reads your weight, BMI, and Body Fat Percentage and then uploads this data to the cloud via Wi-Fi of course, for analysis and to help you achieve better results.

This is an attractive weighing scale that will enhance the beauty of any place, be it your bathroom, or clinic. It comes in either white or black finish. The top of the scale is covered with a hard and smooth glass slab that’s 0.3 inches thick.

This smart scale pairs up excellently with Fitbit’s other products such as Activity and Fitness Trackers to provide you a comprehensive weight loss experience.


Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale black colour review

The underside of the Fitbit Aria is made of a pattern of bubble-like protrusions that works to evenly distribute the weight across the body of the scale and to provide a firmer grip.

The device works on 4 AA batteries that will last for 6 months.

A Body Impedance method measures the body fat percentage. This method works by sending a 180-micro amp current up one leg and down the other using 4 ITO electrodes.

This smart scale can recognise and store body weight analysis measurements of 8 different people and store the information in its cloud. Each person should register themselves on the device and create an account with Fitbit on their official website.

Once the scale has measured all your metrics, this data is accessible at any time on the Fitbit’s Website or App.


The scale works best while it is placed in the same place every day for measuring weight. This ensures maximum accuracy. The device automatically re-calibrates. Make sure you stow the device away after use to prevent dust and damage.

You can set weight goals and reminders and measure your progress on the scale every day until you achieve the desired results.

The Fitbit Aria has a very fancy and attractive LED display. After you have created an account for yourself, every time you step on the scale, it displays your name and determines your body weight and BMI which is then displayed on the circular LED.

Fitbit Aria Black Colour Wi-Fi Smart Scale Review:


Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale Reviews in India

  • Very sleek and stylish smart scale.
  • Performs body weight analysis to help you achieve better results.
  • Metrics are stored and accessed at any time.
  • Very smooth glass top and light weight scale.



  • Bit expensive device
  • Not all third-party apps are supported.

The Fitbit Aria is a very attractive weighing scale that performs accurate reading of body weight and body mass index.

Although the price is some what on high end, the Aria is a worthy long-term body scale for weigh-conscious people and others as well. There are very few flaws in the device and user reviews are mostly positive.

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There are many other weighing scales available in India which falls under similar category like Fitbit Aria scale and they are worth looking if you interested in more options. Check the list of best weighing scales with Bluetooth option in India.

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