Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker Review

Fitbit’s Alta is the company’s most stylish Fitness Tracker primarily aimed at dispelling complaints of its generally drab looking products. It has an attractive, large, and shiny display, a sleek and trendy looking body and the option to customize the wrist strap and colours.

But if you’re thinking that it compromises on functionality, think again! The Alta comes with all the fundamental Tracking abilities without the more advanced features of other models like Fitbit’s Charge. The Fitbit Alta is best suited for people who want an efficient fitness band that will also enhance their style throughout the day.


Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker Review

The Fitbit Alta has a three-axis accelerometer just like the other models and it primarily tracks Steps, Distance, Active Time, and Calories Burned.

The beautiful display on it shows your calls, text messages, and upcoming calendar events by synchronizing with your Android or iPhone device.

All the basic Activity and Sleep Tracking mentioned above are performed with accuracy and perfection.

The SmartTrack technology automatically tracks your Sports and Exercises and synchronizes the data on to the phone App.

The Alta has no heart rate monitoring or stairs climbed data which is why serious athletes do not prefer this model.

The Alta nudges you to achieve a 250-step goal per hour. If you don’t achieve this goal, the device sends in another small vibrating reminder. This feature is designed to improve your metabolism and to prevent you from sitting for too long duration.


Specific Activities like Elliptical, Outdoor Biking, Running, Walking, Aerobic Workouts like Zumba, Cardio-Kickboxing, Soccer, Tennis, and Basketball are automatically recognized, tracked, and the data is saved.

It also has workout challenges that you can take with your friends and family which is a fun and challenging way to exercise more.

While the Alta is not a completely waterproof device and you can’t take it along for a swim, it can resist mild splashes of water, sweat and a light drizzle.

Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker Review :


Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker Review in India - Larger one with Silver or black colour

  • Very stylish Tracker by Fitbit.
  • Performs basic Activity Tracking and Sleep tracking accurately.
  • Accessories and colour are customisable.
  • Large and attractive display.
  • Performs some smart watch functionalities like call/message/email notifications etc.
  • Accurate data and good battery life.
  • Affordable cost



  • No Heart Rate Monitoring and Floors Climbed/Steps climbed tracking.
  • Performs basic activity and sleep tracking.
  • The display isn’t very responsive to taps.
  • Additional straps are quite expensive.

Women will find the Fitbit Alta very appealing because it provides both features as well as good design. This device sits between a high-end tracker and a budget tracker. But it is expensive for a device with no heart rate monitor when you can buy a Fitbit Charge which is incredibly high tech.

Athletes and Fitness freaks who like their workout gear fancy, will take an instant liking to the Fitbit Alta. Battery life is incredibly good, lasting an entire week. In terms of appearance and design, the Alta beats all other Fitness Trackers easily, especially the bulkier Charge.

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