Equinox Weighing Scale Review & Points to Note Before Buying

Equinox India was established in India in 2001 and has become a leading supplier of quality health care products.They have personal health care products as well as commercial health care products .

Equinox offers BP monitor, Nebulizer, Thermometer,Pulse Oximeter and Weighing Scales.You could find more about the company from here.

Weighing scales from Equinox are more popular in the Indian market due to it’s quality and affordable pricing. Equinox offers analog weighing scales, digital weighing scales and baby weighing scales.

If you are searching for a weighing scale, Equinox might be a good product for your money. Here is a review of equinox weighing scale which will help you to make a buying decision.


Equinox has around 9 weighing machines for sale in India and we will review one of the popular weighing scale from Equinox here.

Equinox Weighing Scale Review

Equinox  EB -9300 Weighing Scale:

Equinox weighing scale review in India

It is specially designed weighing machine with a Lcd display. This device will give you the accurate results every time without any error.

It has an automatic on and automatic off function. It will instantly display results when a weight or a person stands over it.

The device can keep the readings for about 5 minutes before the weighing scale switches off automatically. It can carry weight up to 150 kilograms and is sensitive to even 100 grams.

Features of  Equinox EB-9300 weighing Scale:

  • Automatic on or off function.
  • Having Lithium Battery.
  • Lcd screen display.
  • Memory preset which stores results.

Advantages of Equinox EB-9300 Weighing Scale:

  1. It is very accurate and does not produce any error.
  2. LCD screen available in the machines makes it easy to note down the readings.
  3. It is very affordable when compared to other models in the same feature range.
  4. Automatic on and off function works better in this model than most other weighing machines. It instantly flashes the weight as the person stands over it.
  5. It has an internal memory capacity using which it can store the recordings for a maximum of 90 days. No recordings will get cleared within these 90 days.

Equinox weighing scale can be used in hospital, home, office, etc. As this device is considered portable, you can carry this weighing machine from one place to another place without any risk.This can be used as a bathroom weighing machine as well.

While travelling you can keep the weighing scale inside the luggage as it can resist pressure and do not get damaged easily.

Points To Remember When Using Equinox:

It shows accurate results most of the time unless you keep moving over the scale or wear extra stuffs such as slippers or helmets.

When measuring the weight, stand in a proper manner. When any movement arises, there will be a slight change in the recordings. Don’t use carpet or any other cloth on the weighing scale. Because there may be a chance of wrong results.

From the above details one can get the right idea about this weighing machine. Equinox weighing scale is one of the best weighing machine in India which provides value for money.  

It is easy to handle and can be used in your home, gym, bathroom or anywhere else. Let us know what do you think about this product in the comments section below.

If you are looking for alternative options,Health sense or Health Genie or Omron weighing scales are good brands to check out for.

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