Equinox EB 6171L Leather Look Digital Weighing Scale Review

The Equinox EB 6171L Leather Look Digital Weighing Scale is a Grey coloured apparatus with a superior Leather-like look that not only looks professional at a Fitness Centre or Office but also perfectly adapts to the cosy confines of your home.

You no longer have to constantly worry about your weight each time you indulge in guilty pleasures like skipping your morning walk or snacking on Chips.

Having a weighing machine at home or at work is vital to weight-conscious people leading busy lives. Knowing your weight always motivates you to eat healthy, exercise and stick to your diet plan, if you have one.

Equinox EB 6171L leather weighing scale Specifications:

  • Weight: 1.6 Kg.
  • Maximum Capacity: 5 to 180 Kg.
  • Graduation: 100 gm.
  • Battery: 2 X 1.5 V AA
  • Platform Size: 31 X 30 X 3 cms.
  • LCD Display Size: 74 X 35.6 mm.
  • Height: 310 mm
  • Width: 300 mm
  • Accuracy: 5 kg



Equinox EB 6171L Leather Look Digital Weighing Scale Review in India

  • To provide highly accurate reading, the device is equipped with 4 strain G sensors and sense-on technology that enhance accuracy.
  • Has stainless steel mirror edges.


  • This weighing machine notifies you during Low Battery and Overload for quick maintenance.
  • The LCD display is 2-inch large and has a white backlight with clear, bold readings.
  • The best feature of the Equinox EB 6171L is its auto-on and auto power-off technology where you simply need to step on to the device without tapping or calibrating it and instantly obtain your reading within a few seconds. After stepping down, the scale of the device automatically activates an auto power-off feature wherein your results will stay on the screen for a few seconds and then disappear. This features conserves battery life.


Equinox EB 6171L Leather Look Digital Weighing Scale Review:


  • Affordable device for both Professional Fitness Training as well as Personal use.
  • Light -Weight, Compact, and Portable.
  • This is a sturdy device that will not break easily.
  • The Leather look design of the instrument makes it look attractive and it seamlessly adjusts to your work or personal space.
  • Modern, Professional device that provides accuracy and sophistication at a low cost.
  • Large and convenient foot-space for users to stand on.


  • You cannot change the weight metric to lb or st.
  • Product may deteriorate with time. Make sure you handle with care and replace batteries regularly to obtain accurate readings and to maintain long life of the apparatus. No other reviews reported.

The Equinox EB 6171L Leather Look Digital Weighing Scale is very reasonably priced for the features and sophistication it comes with. You will receive the product with a manufacturer’s domestic warranty of 1 year from the date of purchase.

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Only technical faults are serviced through warranty. If you receive a damaged product, please return it, or get it replaced since defective products are not covered by warranty. Please note that this is a personal weighing machine that you cannot use to weigh other household items or fruits and vegetables.

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