Digital Weighing Scale Vs analog Weighing Scale [Comparison]

Weighing machines are now widely used to measure the weight of an item.There are two types of weighing machines available.They are,

Digital Weighing Scale Vs analog Weighing Scale

  • Analog
  • Digital

The analog weighing machines were used widely in olden days. It helps to get the accurate measurement of an item. Now digital weighing scales are probably used everywhere. Analog machines gives the measurement by the springs present in it while digital machines uses sensors. Hence digital weighing machines are considered the best among the two.

Analog Weighing Scale:

The analog weighing scale is used for the exact measurement of any particular thing. Using analog weighing scale is so easy. Once you stand upon the machine, the spring in it will measure the weight of your body.


The total weighing capacity of the analog machine is up to 120 kg. These machines were used widely before several years. But an analog machine does not give accurate measurements when compared with digital machines. Since it functions mechanically, the accuracy of the machine might vary and it cannot be used for minute measurements like grams.

Digital Weighing Scale:

The digital weighing machines have completely conquered the world of weighing machines. It is more commonly used than analog machines. It gives the accurate measurement when compared to the analog machines.  


The weight will be measured by the spring in the machine. Once you stand upon the device, you will get your weight in the display. The digital personal weighing machines has the capacity to weigh up to 150 kg. Digital machines with so many features are now available in the market.


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Digital Vs Analog Weighing Machines:

There is not much difference in between digital and analog weighing machines. Analog machines were widely used before the digital weighing machines came into existence. The problem with analog weighing machines is that they are not as accurate like that of digital weighing machines.

Since the analog machines work mechanically you cannot expect the same results every time you use it to weigh a product. The recently introduced digital weighing machines have completely conquered the world of weighing machines. It has much better design and features when compared to its counterpart. Both the machines have the same function, it is to measure weight. But digital weighing machines have LCD display, memory capacity and accurate weighing capability.

The advantage of analog weighing machines over the digital weighing machines is that, they operate mechanically and hence they do not need any power supply. They can work as long as you keep using it. On the other hand, you will need to continuously change the batteries of the digital weighing machines very often.

The people who need to lose weight can use the weighing scale in daily life to measure the weight of the body. The digital scale is more useful in getting accurate measurement.

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