Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair in India – Top 5 list to buy in 2018

What is a ‘zero gravity’ massage chair? How is it any different from a regular massage chair? Before you purchase anything, it’s crucial to have as much knowledge about the product as possible.

Well, to start things off, a zero gravity massager is in fact, quite a young invention. Only 8 years ago, this new invention caught the eyes of the masses. But why? What makes it so special?

The USP of these products lies in the recline position that’s capable on these machines. With your toes over your head, it welcomes you to the world of astronauts. Yes, that still doesn’t answer the question as to, why is it so special?

Well, this position that it allows the user to take, has a lot of benefits. Reduction in stress levels, uniform distribution of weight and better blood circulation, these are just some of its benefits.

These machines cost a bomb. If you are looking for something economical, well, then this isn’t the right place for you. However, if you are willing to spend so much and indulge in the luxury that the massager has to offer, the one thing you should pay special attention to are its features.

Features: Apart from the unique ‘zero-gravity’ positioning, the features that these massage chairs come with are very similar to the other conventional massage chairs that are there in the market. The ‘zero-gravity’ aspect is like the cherry on top. These massage chairs are designed to impart luxury. And the features that they come with, make no attempt at hiding this fact. So when you are buying such a product, look at its features, identify the ones you like and then compare the models that offer these features. That’s one of the best ways to go about such a purchase.

Given below, is a list of five zero-gravity massage chairs, along with a little bit of information about each of these models.

Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair to buy in India in 2018:

#1.Robotouch Maxima Luxury Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair:

Best zero gravity massage chair in India

Highly flexible and technologically advanced, this model embodies a modern day massager.

There are three massaging options that it comes with, the intensity of which can be changed according to one’s preferences.

Air pressure and heating function are the two methods of massages that it’s modelled upon. The ergonomics gone into the design of the massage is nothing short of being outstanding.

If not all, almost all the major aspects of it are prone to customization, thereby catering to the individuality of every person.

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#2.JSB MZ11 Zero Gravity Massage Chair:

Top 5 best zero gravity massage chairs in India

It’s a multi-purpose massage chair that’s ideal for a lot of things. Whether you are just craving relaxation, or, you want to overcome the fatigue that you have been facing, it’s equally effective for both the purposes.

It has five primary massaging functions; kneading, tapping, kneading plus tapping, air squeeze and rolling. You can see the technology that’s gone into making this product by just looking at some of its features.

It has a 3D body scanning technology, that measures the length of one’s spine, to deliver more targeted and effective massages, specific to the different regions of your back.

What’s more is that, it does not only have 1 ‘zero-gravity’ massaging position, but in fact, has three. It’s equally effective for tall and short people, eliminating the issues that creep in because of the differences in the height of people.

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#3.Robotouch Elite Full Featured Smart Luxury Zero Gravity Massage Chair:

Best massage chair to buy online in India

Another one of RoboTouch’s zero-gravity massagers. The main massage functions remain the same (kneading, flapping, Kneading and flapping, shiatsu, knocking).

It comes with an automatic position scanning function, along with seven other automatic massage modes. Especially for the waist region, it has four separate massage functions embedded in it.

For the other regions, primarily the upper body, it offers manual massages with the option to adjust the intensity as per one’s liking. Air pressure massages are an option with the product, for both: upper and lower body.

Another plus point about this product is that it’s parts such as the upper arms, etc. are all flexible, in terms of being rotatable and things of that sort.

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#4.Robotouch Elite Plus Premium Powerful 3-D Zero Gravity Professional Therapeutic Shiatsu Massage Chair With Full Body Stretch:

Good quality and popular zero gravity massage chairs in India

This model comes with highly adjustable ‘body’ parts. For example: the head cushion, the calf resting area etc. can all be adjusted, taking into consideration the person’s body dimensions.

Perfect for early morning, the leg stretch function serves as a perfect alarm for your body, activating all your muscles in an instant.

Similarly, it also has a waist stretch function embedded in it, that performs a similar task targeted towards the waist region.

The air bags positioned near the legs, help in delivering massages using the differences in air pressure. One very unique function, that just this massager comes with is the Thai sole gua sha massage.

Putting the fancy name aside, all it intends to do is to give the user a ‘hands-on’ massaging experience, as one would experience with a massagist.

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#5.OSIM uInfinity – Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair:

Best zero gravity massage chair to buy online in India

The word ‘expensive’ sheds a whole new meaning after looking at this product. You can buy a car for the price of this product! It’s better than having a personal massagist.

OSIM haven’t given too much information about its features but here are a few. The five different massage modes that it comes with are also unique to this massager.

Apart from the regular kneading and tapping massages, full rolling, lifestyle and tissue massages are three modes, that are unique to this massager.

It’s not a massager. It’s more like a robot. It has the ability to constantly download new massage programs into the chair, giving an experience like no other massage chair.

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