Best Weight Machines in the Gym – Top 5 list to buy in 2018

A gym without a weight machine? Can you imagine it? There is no gym which doesn’t have weighing machine as it is one of the very important device to view the progress of its members.

It is a must to check the weight everyday before and after workouts. So lets look at some of the best weighing machines to be used in your gym for effective weight tracking.

Best Weight Machines in the Gym

Best Weight Machines for Gym:

There are many weighing scales available in India and most of them offer the same functionality. You will have to pick one which offers good quality so that it lasts long and looks good.

We have picked 5 best weighing scales which might be of great help to you in your gym.Here goes the list

#1.Healthsense Ps 126 Ultra –Lite Personal Scale:

Best weighing machines for Gym in India

It is one of the important weighing machine commonly used in the gym to measure the weight of the body builders. This device is lightweight and so it can be carried easily by the people from one place to other place without any risk.  

As it is designed with the special  sensor technology, this weighing scale is used to provide the most accurate results. This machine can weigh up to 180 kilograms. The readings appear in white font with grey back light.

#2.Omron NH-286 Digital Weight Scale:

Top weight machines used in the gym in India

This weighing machine is designed with tempered glass to provide to withstand any load acting on it. When people stand on the device, it gets switched on automatically and when the device is not in use means the device may switched off automatically.

After usage, this weight scale will turn off automatically in 16 seconds. It can give the accurate results up to 100 grams of weight.

#3.Equinox  EB-9300 Weighing Scale:

Best Weight machines used in gym in India

It is specially designed with automatic on and off function.  If you stand on it, this device will switch on automatically and when the device is not in use, the device will turn off immediately.

By this, the battery power is conserved. This product has one year warranty. It can carry the weight up to 150 kilograms. With the presence of Lcd display screen, one can view the results clearly.




#4.Healthsense Soft- Grip Personal Scale:

India's best weight scales in gym in 2016

In this weighing scale, the sides of the scale is made of aluminium. It has sensors because of which this weighing device can accurately measure the results in an efficient manner.

The measurements are displayed in black font  with blue light on the back side of the weighing machine. It can weigh up to 180 kilograms. This product has one year warranty.

#5.Healthgenie HD 221  Digital Weighing Scale:

Good quality weight machines for gym in India

It has a smooth platform and so the people can easily stand on it and note down their readings. It can weigh up to 180 kilograms.

As it is made of tempered glass, it will withstand your weight without being damaged. Having sensor, this device can produce accurate results.

There is an indicator which indicates low battery. Digital screen is used to view the readings.

We hope that you have got good options to choose one to be used in the gym. Having the right machine can add so much benefits to your fitness routine.Go ahead and pick one according to your choice.

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