Best Weighing Scales in India Review 2018- Top Weighing Machines Compared

Welcome to, Weighing machines are now common in all places to weigh our body mass or to find the weight of other products.  This website has been setup to solve your doubts in choosing the best weighing machine.

We have reviewed the best weighing machines from the best weighing scale brands so that you no need to spend hours to find the right one for your home or business needs.

If you are short of time, you can directly skip to our top 10 weighing machines of 2018 section where we have ranked the best selling & high performance weighing scales considering all its features.


Top Weighing Machines Compared 1-5 ($ Symbol Indicates Price Range)
  • HealthSense PS 126
  • $$$
  • Super Light-Weight
  • High Accuracy
  • One Year Warranty
  • Omron HN-286
  • $$$
  • Ultra Slim Design
  • 4-Sensor Technology
  • Automatic On/Off Function
  • HealthSense Soft-Grip
  • $$$
  • Large LCD with Blue Backlight
  • High Accuracy
  • One Year Warranty
  • Equinox EB-9300
  • $$$
  • Large LCD display
  • High Quality
  • 1 year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Equinox BR-9201
  • $$
  • Durable Construction
  • High Accuracy
  • 1 year Manufacturer's Warranty


Top Weighing Machines Compared 6-10 ($ Symbol Indicates Price Range)
  • Omron HN-283
  • $$$
  • Ultra Slim Design
  • 4-Sensor Accuracy
  • Easy To Use
  • Bulfyss Weighing Scale
  • $
  • Large LCD Blue Backup Light
  • High Accuracy
  • Auto Shut-Off Function
  • Healthgenie HD-221
  • $$
  • Stylishly Designed
  • 4 Sensor Technology
  • Good Quality
  • HealthSense Leather-Lite
  • $$$
  • Super Light-Weight
  • High Accuracy
  • 1 Year HealthSense India Warranty
  • VENUS EPS-2799
  • $$
  • Gauge Sensor System
  • High Accuracy
  • Auto On, Auto zero & Auto off


Know The Types of Weighing Machines Before You Buy:

There are two types of weighing machines namely, Analog & digital. The analog weighing machine shows the weight measurement by using the spring in the device.

Once you stand on the device, the weight will be displayed mechanically by the action of load on the spring.

Analog weighing machines are not as accurate as digital weighing machines, but both the model has its own advantages.Go here to find out the best analog weighing machines.

Digital weighing machines are now popularly used everywhere as it gives the accurate measurement. These digital weighing machines have several features when compared to that of the analog weighing machines.

You can not only measure the weight but you can also find out the fat and BMI of your body using the latest digital weighing machines. Hence the digital scale is more popular than the analog weighing machine.

Here is a comparison between analog weighing machine & digital weighing machine.

How to Choose the Right Weighing Machine?

Before choosing a weighing machine, you have to consider your requirements and carefully choose the weighing machine that suits all your needs.

Weighing machines are not so expensive but by making the right purchase, you can ensure that they work efficiently for years to come. Below are certain factors you must consider before buying a weighing scale.

Purpose of the Weighing Machine:

Determine the exact purpose for which you will be using the weighing machine and then choose the right model according to it. For example. You cannot use the same weighing machine for your kitchen & gym purposes.

Kitchen weighing machine must provide accurate gram measurement while a gym weighing machine is required to give accurate kilogram measurement. Go here to find out the various uses of weighing machines.

Accuracy of the weighing machine:

The main thing to consider in a weighing machine is its accuracy. By buying a cheap weighing machine with low accuracy, you cannot rely on it’s readings. Go through the features & reviews of the machine and choose the one with the highest accuracy rate.


Another important factor to consider when buying a weighing scale for personal or office use is to consider its capacity. It means, the amount of weight that you will place on it or the total weighing capacity of the weighing machine.

There are scales available from very minute measurement capacities to commercial weighing machines capable of weighing several tons.

Why Having a Weighing Machine at Home is Must?

The common feature in a weighing machine is to give the accurate measurement of the body weight. Having a weighing machine will help you to maintain your weight by noticing it every day.

Most people who are health conscious will use a weighing machine at home. This will help you to track the body weight. Measuring your weight daily will also help you to motivate you about your weight and exercise. It will also promote you to have a healthy diet.

Top 10 Best Weighing Machines of 2018 in India:

The top 10 Best weighing machines are listed below. These are from the brands that are popular in today’s market and are top sellers online. You can choose the best product according to your needs.

#1.Health Sense 126 Ultra-Lite Personal Scale:

Health sense 126 ultra-lite personal scales is the #1 best selling weighing machine available in the market at present . You can go ahead and purchase this product blind folded as it has so many features and also offers quality functioning. This product is made of plastic and it is light weighted.

Best weighing machine in India

The Sense On technology present in it will automatically switch on the machine, once you stand upon the device.

The health sense weighing scale has several features in it. It is powered by 2 AAA batteries. The surface of the weighing scale is made using high plastic to avoid slipping.

It also has the perfect surface to stand upon it. The auto power off switch prevents the battery from draining.

Reading is displayed in white color. This makes it easy for you to read the measurement in the LCD display.

The capacity of the machine ranges from 5 kg to 180 kg. The unit of the weight can be changed as per your need using the settings in it.

There is an indicator provided in the weighing scale and If the battery gets drained, this indicator will notify you. It also indicates the errors occurring in the device.

Weight is measured and displayed within seconds in the health sense weighing scale. The health sense weighing machine gives highly accurate measurement of weight using the G Sense in the device.

You can use this weighing machine as a bathroom scale as well for you personal weight measurement on a daily basis. It is easy to lift and you can place it anywhere in the home as it is very thin.

#2.Omron HN-286 Digital Weight Scale:

Omron HN 286 digital weighing scale is another best and smart machine available now. This machine is well known for its accurate measurement.

The tempered glass in the weighing machine provides maximum safety. This machine has an auto power on/off switch. Once you stand upon the machine, the machine will switch on automatically and measure your weight. It has a clear LCD display.

Best weighing scale to buy from Online in India in 2016

The auto power off switch will switch off the device if it is not used for 16 seconds. This is a unique feature in this weighing machine.

It has sensors in the four corners of the weighing machine. This helps to get accurate measurement of the weight.

It is accurate up to 100 grams of weight. The maximum weighing capacity of the weighing machine is 180 kg.

Lithium battery used in the machine will strive for more than a year. The surface of the weighing scale is made such that it prevents slip.

The device is safe to use and it is very compact to place it anywhere in the home. HN 286 weighing scale from Omron is really a quality product in the weighing machines segment.

#3.Health Sense Soft-Grip Personal Scale PS-135:

It is another awesome weighing machine for personal use. It has variety of features in it. The Sense On technology provided in the health sense soft-grip weighing machine is one of the best features using which the machine will turn on automatically when a weight is placed over it.

Top 10 best weighing machines in India in 2016

This machine shows high accurate measurement using the G sensor in the machine. It has a very stylish design. A big LCD display provided in it makes reading measurement easily.

The minimum weight which can be measured is from 5 kg to a maximum weight of up to 180 kg. The unit of the machine can be changed to kg/lbs/st as per your needs.

It also has an indicator which reminds you when the battery gets drained.  It is also show indications when there is any error in the measurement or overload.

The soft grip present in it will help you to balance your foot in the weighing machine and it prevents you from slipping in the machine. Use the below button to check the latest price or buy the product online.

Read the complete review of Healthsense PS-135 soft grip personal scale

#4.Equinox EB-9330 Weighing Scale:

The design of this product is very elegant and has a classy appearance. Equinox weighing scale is very slim and it can be placed anywhere in the home.

The device has an auto power on switch. If you stand upon the device, it will turn on automatically. The weight will be displayed on the screen for 5 seconds.

Most popular weighing scales in India

This device will turn off automatically after some time which prevents the battery from draining.  A large LCD display is provided which makes the reading easy.

The maximum weight capacity of the device is 150 kg. This machine can accurately measure the weight staring from 10 grams.

This machine gives you the accurate measurement when compared to most other models. This device is ideal for the bathroom as well.

This bathroom weighing machine is made of a non-slippery standing surface. You will have to place the weighing machine in a flat surface to get correct results.If you place it above the carpet or mat you will get slight difference in the measurement.

#5.Equinox BR-9201 Analog Weighing Scale:

Equinox BR-9201 is an analog weighing scale. The weighing scale is used for the accurate measurement of the body weight.  You must reset the value to zero when you first use the scale.

This can be done by using the scrolling button in the machine. This machine is made of a durable construction.

Best weighing machines to buy from online in India

Always Place the weighing machine in the flat surface so that you can accurately measure the exact weight of the body. Do not place the machine above the carpet which may show slight changes in the reading.

Maximum weighing capacity is 130 Kgs. Do not forget to set to zero when you first use the machine, otherwise you will get wrong readings. It has a long lasting body and is a quality built product.Go for it if you are fan of analog weighing machine.


#6.Omron HN-283 Digital Body Weight Scale:

The best thing about this Hn 283 weighing scale from Omron is that it is very sensitive to even very small weights. This is facilitated by the precision sensor technology.

This weighing machine is easy to use. You can get the accurate results in seconds by the four sensor technology. The sensors are present in the four corners of the weighing machine. This helps you to weigh even the weight in grams.

Top 10 best weighing machines to buy in India

This machine comes along with a auto power on/off function. You need not switch on the device. Just stand upon the device or place the weight over it to get the accurate measurement.

It will turn off automatically to save the device from draining the battery. The measurement will be displayed in LCD screen which offers easy reading. It is made of tempered glass which adds to its safety. Hence, it is non-slippery. The maximum weight the machine can weigh is up to 180 kg.


#7.Bulfyss Weighing Scale (Digital Heavy Duty Portable, Hook Type with Temp):

The Bulfyss weighing scale is a scale that is used to measure the weight of luggage and load. This weighing machine is very compact so that you can carry the machine anywhere else with you.

It is suitable for families to measure their luggage during the travel. This weighing machine has a LCD display to read the measurement.

Best branded weighing scales in India

Maximum weighing capacity is 50 kg.  Units can be changed between lbs and kg. The tare function in the product helps to weigh the accurate weight of the load.

There is an indicator which warns you when you overload the machine. It turns the device off when it is over loaded.

Bulfyss weighing machine is made of ABS material. It is powered by 2 AAA batteries. The hanging scale is used to weigh heavy items.

It is mainly used in home, kitchen, shopping and travel area to weigh the item or luggage. The weighing machines have the capacity to even weigh minute gram measurements.

Hang the load on the hanger in the machine and you can expect accurate measurement within minutes. The Bulfyss weighing machine is a perfect choice weighing machine as it measures the load accurately.


#8.Health genie HD-221 Digital weighing Scale:

Like other models listed above, this model also has an auto on off feature. It will switch automatically if not used for 60 seconds. This feature can be a battery saver.

There are 4 sensors in the Health genie HD 221 weighing machine which provides accurate weight measurement. This weighing machine is made very simple and thin. Hence it can be placed anywhere in the room.

Top ten best weighing scales in India

It has a big LCD display which makes reading easy. The health genie machine is designed with a flat surface.

This makes the person to stand comfortable on the device or place objects on it without any issues. The machine has a non-slippery platform.

The minimum weight sensitivity of the machine is from 10 grams to a maximum weight of up to 180 kg. The tempered glass in the machine makes it easy to clean and it is non-breakable. This machine indicates when the battery is drained.

#9.Health Sense Leather-Lite Personal Scale PS 130:

This weighing machine is made with an ABS non-slippery platform. The health sense PS 130 weighing machine also has a Sense on technology.

This machine will provide accurate readings in a flat surface than when on a carpet. Once you stand upon the device, the machine will turn on automatically.

Best weighing machines in India in 2016

Readings are displayed in a LCD screen.The G Sensor technology is provided for measuring the weight accurately.

The maximum weight the weighing machine can measure is up to 180 kg. The sensor technology helps in measuring the accurate weight.

This weighing machine has a leather like appearance and is it’s biggest unique selling point when compared with other similar models. The units can be changed as per your needs and is easy to use.

Read the complete review of Healthsense PS-130 leather lite personal weighing scale.

#10.VENUS EPS-2799 (Iron) Electronic Digital Personal Bathroom Health Body Weight Weighing Scale:

It is a different weighing scale from others listed above. It has a strain gauge sensor system with high precision. The body of the weighing scale is made with high steel material.

The device has an auto power on/off feature. Place the device in a flat surface and stand upon it. It has a LCD display to show weight. The machine once switched on, will automatically reset the value to zero.

Top 10 best weighing scales to buy from Online in India in 2016

It will turn off automatically after a certain period of non usage. This saves the battery of the device.  It also has an indicator in it.  It indicates low power & other errors occurring in the machine.

It has a minimum weight sensitivity of about 10 grams to a maximum capacity 180 kg. The indicator will show error if it is overloaded.

The sensors present in the device makes sure it provides accurate measurement every time.  It features a metal platform which makes it very comfortable to stand upon. It can very beneficial when used as a home weighing machine. There are people who use it everyday as a weight tracker for fitness routine.


There are hundreds of other weighing machines available in the market, but we believe these are the top 10 best weighing machines of 2016 in India. You can use it for home use and mild commercial use. We have verified that these products which we have listed above have the most sales and thousands of satisfied customers.

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Not only these reviews, we have hundreds of other weighing machines reviewed in our website. We aim at being your #1 source when it comes to weighing machines. Visit our blog to read all other articles on weighing machines.

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