5 Best Weighing Machines For Your Kitchen in 2018

Weighing machines/scales are used in kitchen for weighing the quantity of the food items. To maintain a healthy and tasty diet, you must add every ingredient in a limited amount as per directions.

To measure those items, the kitchen weighing scale is very much useful. These scales are mainly digital ones and can weigh maximum of 10 kg.Most of these kitchen weighing machines have 5 kg limit only,though few scales have 10 kg capacity.

It’s not an easy task to pick one weight machine for your kitchen due to many models with different prices available in the Indian market.

That is where we wanted to help you by providing the list of top 5 best kitchen weighing scales so that you could pick one that best serves your purpose.


Best Kitchen weighing scale in India

Best Weighing scales for your Kitchen in India in 2018:

We have picked 5 best weight measuring machines for your kitchen based on how well they are selling online and user feedback.

#1.Bulfyss Electronic Kitchen Digital Weighing Scale 10 kg:

Best weighing machine for use in Kitchen in India

The bulfyss electronic kitchen weighing scale is made of high quality material. This is perfect for daily usage .

The LCD is wide enough to display the measurement. It makes the reading easy.

The tare function in the device will eliminate the weight of the bowl or the container. This helps you to get the exact measurement of the ingredients. The auto power off switch conserves the battery of the device.

The digital kitchen scale is battery operated and easy to use.The maximum weight it can support is 10kg.


#2.Swarish Electronic Digital 10 kg weight scale LCD Kitchen Weight Scale Machine:

Top kitchen weighing machines to buy in India

The swarish electronic weighing scale is used to weigh the ingredients in your kitchen. An LCD display is provided for reading the measurement.

The average weight of the machine is 10 kg. The device has auto power off switch which switches off the machine if not used for 60 seconds.

This saves the life of the battery. This is a weighing scale that is specially designed for kitchen use.


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#3.First Choice Sale Sf-400 7kg Electronic Kitchen Weighing Machine:

Popular weighing scales for kitchen use in India

The weighing machine has a power supply of 2 AA*1.5V battery. The battery is not included in the machine.

The weighing machine is automatically reset to the value zero. The auto power off technology is also available in the device.

An indication is present which indicates if the battery gets low or the machine is loaded with overweight. The LCD display is provided to read the measurement of weight.The maximum weight it can support is 7 kg.

#4.Soehnle KSD Fiesta Digital Kitchen Scale:

Best weighing scale for weight measurement in your kitchen

The weighting platform of the Soehnle weighing scale is made removable. The removable platform is made of fine safety glass.

The LCD display makes it easy to read the measurement. An auto power off switch is provided to save the life of the battery.

It is easy to clean the glass in the machine. The capacity of the machine is up to 5 kg.

#5.HealthSense Chef-Mate Digital Kitchen Scale-Model Ks 33:

 Top 5 best weighing machines for your kitchen to buy in India

The health sense chef-mate kitchen weighing machine is used widely in kitchens.

The auto power off button is included in the machine. The tare button is used to calculate the amount of ingredients in the bowl.

The tare button will subtract the ingredients from the bowl or the container you placed in it. The AAA batteries are used to power this weighing machine.

You can change the measurement value from the g/ml/lb/oz to units. The machine can weigh up to 5kg.

These kitchens weighing machine helps you to measure the accurate ingredient to add in your food.  All these weighing scales are very affordable and top selling ones as well.

Go ahead and buy the suitable one for you.Let us know which machine you have chosen for your kitchen.

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