Best Slimming Massage Belt to buy online in India in 2018

The days where women were the only concerned about how they look are long gone. Men, too, nowadays are inclined to ‘keeping in shape’. But it’s not that easy. With the treats that one comes across on a daily basis, maintaining a healthy diet is not always easy.

Unhealthy food in turn, leads to a bigger tummy. And once you get a big tummy, you always want to make it as flat as possible. It’s more or less like a chain. How to break it? It’s hard.

A slimming massage belt won’t be your solution but it can definitely act as an accomplice. It doesn’t drastically reduce somebody’s body weight perse, but what it does is, it definitely helps reducing the fat content near the tummy area, or to put it across in a more sophisticated way; the midsection.

At the end of the day, it’s just an electronic device. Don’t expect too much and you will be satisfied. That’s the most important thing to remember. Some of the other things that you should look at, at least, if not remember while buying a slimming massage belt are:

Features: Two products are never the same and one of the distinguishing factors between them is always the features. A slimming massage belt, too, is a modern technology and many models come with very hi-tec technologies embedded in them. Keep one eye on the price, and the other on the features that you think back this price. That’s one way to look at it. Another way could be to identify particular features of products in this category, and then make a comparison between different models on the basis of these features only. There are a number of ways one can look at it.

Accessibility: Accessibility may not be a very definite term but that’s the idea behind its usage. The models portability, weight, product dimensions, flexibility etc. all come under the accessibility wing of the product. To keep it short and sweet, ideally, the product should be both: easy to use and convenient for the customer.

Now let’s take a look at five of the best slimming massage belts available online, along with some of their specs:

Best Slimming Massage Belt to buy online in India in 2018:

#1.JSB HF59 Ultra Pro Compact Oscillatory Slimming Massage Belt:

Best slimming belt for women to buy online in India

One of the problems with massage belts is that they don’t properly fit everybody. Perhaps to address this very problem, JSB have attached an extendable belt, which fits literally anybody.

The belt is a small one, attributing to minimal power consumption. However, don’t let the size fool you. You can use it in three different modes, in different speeds depending on your requirements. Vibration, oscillation or heat? Pick the poison for your fat.

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#2.Massage Pro Slimming Belt:

Best and popular slimming massage belt to buy online in India

While most of the slimming massage belts have two underlying utility’s, this particular model has three. Apart from the slimming and massaging aspect, it also helps to eliminate toxins from the body.

The vibration technology that it uses to kill the body fat is highly sophisticated and perfectly balanced. As with most of the wearable equipments, ergonomics has played a huge role in the design of this product, ensuring comfort to wearer of the belt.

Apart from the midsection area, it can be even be used in other regions such as thigh, back, calf etc. The massages can be customized to the users preference, however, the only customizable aspects are speed and intensity.

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#3.Original ABslimming 3 in 1 Magnetic Vibration plus Sauna Slimming Belt:

Top 5 best slimming massage belts for men and women in India

This particular model has a very distinguishing features that separates it from the rest of the pack: A sauna slimming belt. How does it work? You can basically apply the sauna belt to any part of your body.

However, there a couple of things that one needs to keep in mind while using this product. Firstly, don’t lie flat on your stomach. And secondly, don’t apply any kind of skin cream.

For the sake of one’s body, it is advised not to use this product for more than 50 minutes at a stretch.

Those who go for this product can choose between three different types of therapy: Sauna therapy, Magnetic therapy and Massage therapy. In fact, this model is especially recommended for athletes and fitness conscious people.

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#4.Lifelong Slimming Belt Massager:

good quality and popular slimming massage belts to buy online in India

Based on the principle of kinematics, this slimming massager belt is extremely beneficial for those people who seriously want to lose some fat.

Fifteen minutes per session and you it’s good enough. How good? The motor runs at 2400 rpm.

It’s a multipurpose slimming massage belt that works just as well for the thigh and other regions as it does for the abdomen.

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#5.Robotouch Adjustable Slimming Belt:

top 5 best massage belt for slim body for men and women in India

With stiff competition in the market, companies are always trying to outdo one another. There are a number of ways they do this. With this particular model, one can see how RoboTouch are trying to add utility to an otherwise simple slimming belt.

Not only does it help to kill fat, but this belt also helps to ease pain and improve blood circulation of the body. Very similar to the first model in this article, in terms of design at least, this too, is a small belt that comes with an extendable belt and uses minimal power due to its small size.

At one sitting, it works for 15 minutes. The use of this product is not just confined to the midsection areas but it can be used in other areas of the body as well.

It comes pre-equipped with 4 different modes that can be set to 3 different speeds. When you look at the product as a whole, it can be considered to be  a very well-balanced slimming massage belt.

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