Best Quality Stethoscope to buy from online in India in 2018

If you are a Doctor or Medical Student, you will know that Stethoscopes are expensive and stately pieces of equipment that assist a Medical professional to improve their patients’ health.

You can buy Stethoscopes online that belong to different pricing ranges on Amazon. The following list explains the features of some of the best Stethoscopes available online in India.

The best suited stethoscope for a professional will be of course be recommended at Medical School or by another Professional. The following are the top 5 stethoscopes available online.

Best Quality Stethoscope to buy from online in India in 2018:

#1.Littmann Lightweight II S.E. 2450 Stethoscope (Black):

Best quality Stethoscope to buy online in India in 2017

This stethoscope is produced by 3M Healthcare and is a professionally designed product that comes with a 2 years’ manufacturer’s warranty.

It has been designed with due regard to the acoustics and ergonomics required in a professional stethoscope.

It is available in different tube colours. The ear piece fits seamlessly in the ear cavity for maximum sound retention.

The stethoscope itself has a tear drop shape that renders it capable of fitting under the blood pressure cuff.


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#2.3M Littmann 27-inch 5803 Classic III Stethoscope, Black Edition Chest piece (Black Tube):

top 5 best quality stethoscopes from reputed brands in India

The 5803 is another Stethoscope by 3M that is priced in the same range as the previous product.

This is a black stethoscope with a black tube that is guaranteed to be long-lasting and stain repelling.

The chest-piece is two sided and can be used on paediatric patients and adults of different body structures.

It also works over bandages. 3M Littmann stethoscopes are reported as being used by lot of Doctors and Healthcare Professionals across the world.


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#3.IndoSurgicals Stethoscope Littmann Type (Black):

Best quality stethoscope from top brands in India

This stethoscope by IndoSurgicals is an affordable one. The chest piece is made of stainless steel and is double sided.

You can buy different tube colours. It performs efficiently and reliably and has good acoustic sensitivity to heart, lung, and blood pressure sounds.

There is no guarantee about the performance of low-priced stethoscopes. Users reported good reviews. Expert opinion is recommended if you are looking for a stethoscope at an affordable price.


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#4.Rossmax Cardiology EB600 Stethoscope:

Good quality and popular stethoscopes to buy from top brands in India

The Rossmax EB600 is another low-priced Stethoscope suited for Cardiology. Priced moderately , it comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

It has high acoustic sensitivity and is built with stainless steel. Users have reported that although it doesn’t have the sophistication of a Littmann Stethoscope, it provides decent performance.


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#5.Littmann Master Cardiology 2160 Stethoscope (Black):

top 5 best quality stethoscope in India in 2017

The Littmann Master Cardiology 2160 Stethoscope is a highly advanced, state-of-the-art device that is the most expensive among all the above.

This sophisticated stethoscope has a tuneable diaphragm that makes it best suited for Cardiological use.

Most users have provided top ratings for Littmann Stethoscope and it is also highly recommended for Medical Students and Professionals for long term use.

The advanced acoustic capabilities of this Stethoscope make it the best one, despite its steep price.

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Hope this information helps you to pick stethoscope of your choice and budget.

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