Best Quality Digital Thermometer to buy online in India in 2018

Gone are the days of glass-based mercury thermometers. Like every other health monitoring device, thermometers are also now more technologically equipped, and more efficient than before.

Unlike older thermometers, you can get highly accurate temperature readings by the digital ones. Readings are timed and quick.

The following are the Top 5 Digital Thermometers that are available online for an affordable price and have all the best features of a modern device:

Best Quality Digital Thermometer to buy online in India in 2018:

#1.Trust Infrared Forehead Temporal Thermometer:

Best Digital thermometer to buy online in India in 2017

This is an advanced Thermometer by Dr. Trust. It uses Infrared Technology to read forehead temperature from the temporal artery.

It can take the temperature of both people and objects which is amazing because measuring object temperature is very useful in a variety of circumstances.

You don’t need to squint to take readings. If the patient has developed a fever, the device automatically sounds an alarm so you will know immediately.


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#2.Vicks V875IN Rigid Tip Thermometer:

Top 5 best quality digital thermometers in India

This thermometer by Vicks has a rigid tip as the name clearly states which makes it suitable for Oral, Rectal, and Underarm use.

It is very easy to use and has a 30 second response time. At the end of 30 seconds, a beep sounds and you can easily read your temperature on the digital display.

This is a very cheap thermometer but Vicks guarantees accuracy and consistent readings.


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#3.Omron MC-720 Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer:

Good quality and branded digital thermometers to buy online in India in 2017

This is another advanced thermometer by Omron that reads any temperature in just one second, which is amazing!

It can switch between person and object temperature reading and reads forehead temperature easily and quickly.

You can use it on children and infants without a worry. In fact, it is a very handy device to use when you have children who are the most susceptible to illnesses.


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#4.Karnee DT8806C Premium Multi-Function Forehead Infrared Thermometer:

Top 5 best quality digital thermometer in India

It has received positive reviews by customers. The design is user friendly and the device has a nice grip to hold and use on people and objects.

It has a bright, clear digital display. This thermometer can be used by veterinarians as well. Due to easy and safe operation, children can also use this thermometer to check their parents’ temperature.


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#5.Rossmax HA500 Temple Thermometer Non-Contact:

Best digital thermometer to buy online in India

The Rossmax HA500 is slightly more expensive than all other products. This thermometer provides ease of use and advanced temperature readings.

It takes forehead temperature and switches between Celsius and Fahrenheit per convenience. In just 1 second, your temperature will be displayed on the digital screen.

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Digital thermometers are very useful to have around the house. Not only can you initiate immediate home treatment in case of high fever, digital thermometers make frequent temperature checking easier compared to older mercury thermometers that took a lot of time to provide “almost-accurate” readings.

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