5 Best Portable Weighing Scales to buy in India in 2018

There are several advantages in having a portable weighing scale at your home. A portable weighing scale can be taken along with people anywhere they travel. This article will help you to choose the best portable weighing scale so that you can use it at your home and wherever you travel.

Best (Portable Weighing Scale)

#1.Electronic Luggage Scale with Hanging Belt and Inbuilt Lithium Battery:

Best portable weighing scale in India

This weighing scale is one of the best portable weighing scale available in a variety of colours. It is made up of a rubber plastic body which doesn’t get damaged easily so that it is easy to handle when you travel.

They also provide accurate readings and comes along with the indicators which indicates when you overload the mission when it is short of power.


#2.Evana Luggage Travel Weighting Scales- 50 Kg Portable Handheld Electronic Digital Lcd:

Top portable weighing scales in India in 2016

This is another important portable weighing scale that comes along with a digital LCD display. It provides accurate reading similar to other weighing machines with an added advantage that it is portable and can be taken anywhere else.

It has a data lock feature in it which indicates when you place overload on the machine or when the battery is about the drain.


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#3.Bulfyss Durable 50 Kg Luggage Scale (with extra Battery):

Best portable digital weighing scales in India

This  device can be carried easily from one place to another place. It can be operated without any difficulty.  It is of light weight and portable. It has the maximum capacity of 50 Kilograms.

It is designed with a data lock function which is used to produce a sound indication when over weight is placed on it or when the power is getting too low. This device gets automatically switched off when the power is low. One dummy battery is provided in this  weighing scale.

#4.Bulfyss Luggage Travelling Weighing Scales- 50 Kg Portable Handheld Electronic Digital Lcd (with extra Battery):

Good quality portable weighing scales in India in 2016

One can  operate this device very easily. It is provided with the data lock function which is used to indicate when overload is placed on it or when the power gets low. One extra battery is already placed in this device to replace the previous battery when it’s power  gets drained. 

As this weighing scale is lightweight, it  can be carried everywhere. While you are travelling you can keep this device inside your luggage.

#5.Gadgetbucket Electronic Kitchen Digital Weighting Scale:

Best portable kitchen weighing scale in India

It is used to weigh the food items in the kitchen. Though it had specially designed with the digital system, the measurements can be easily read by anyone without any difficulty.

It is compact and this device can be carried by anyone without any inconvenience. 

From the above details, one can get the right knowledge about how to select the best portable weighing scale. Even though  some weighing scales cost expensive, always make sure to buy good quality weighing scales. Sometimes low cost weighing scales can easily get broken and there may be a chance of repair.

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