Best Portable Foot Massager in India – Top 5 list to buy in 2018

There is no ‘right time’ as such, for a massage. There is no ‘right place’ for a massage, either. It all depends on the circumstance one is in. It’s only in such situations that one realises the importance of a portable foot massager.

Unlike a conventional foot massager, these massagers are specially designed, to enable the portability of the product with utmost convenience. Other than this aspect,  these products are very similar to the conventional foot massagers.

The parameters that matter for this product in particular, are quite rudimentary in nature. Two aspects that can be taken into consideration before buying these products are:

Features: As in all expensive and technologically advanced commodities, the features and the benefits that one gets out of these features must be one of the first things to consider. Try to find a match between your expectations and a massager that comes close, at least, to satisfying these expectations. Health benefits, flexibility, different types of modes etc. are just some of the parameters that you can look at.

Portability:When taking this product into consideration, the portability aspect of it has to be the most crucial factor. The entire USP of the product is its portable nature. Therefore, you can look at the products weights, flexibility, compact size etc. to make a decision, as to how easy or how hard it would be, for you to carry it around.

Pay attention because although there are a number of foot massagers out there in the market, there aren’t too many portable ones. This article displays five models and shows how they are different from each other and, how they are different from conventional foot massagers.

Best compact and Portable Foot Massager in India :

#1.JSB HF28 Compact Portable Foot Massager:

Best compact portable foot massager to buy online in India

Let’s start off with the product’s weight. This model is quite heavy actually, weighing 8kgs in total. But as the name suggests, it’s a very compact foot massager.

It comes with a lot of features too. Out of all the features that it comes with, the one that grabs the masses attention is the ability to fully customize/personalise one’s massage.

How? User’s can choose between auto, individual and manual programme modes, and choose the most appropriate mode for the moment.

The fact that its outer cover is waterproof and washable, only makes this product all the more attractive.

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#2. JSB HF68 Compact Portable Foot Massager with Heat:

Top 5 best compact portable foot massagers to buy online in India

Although these products are called ‘foot massagers’, many of these models are of multi-purpose use.

This is one such  model. It uses three different methods to deliver massages: traditional, modern science and magnetic science and comes with the same customizable massage options as the model above (auto, individual and manual).

Every massage is pre-set for a time period of 15 minutes, while it is recommended not to use the product for more than 30 minutes at a stretch.

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#3.GHK H1 Shiatsu Compact Foot Massager with Heat & Timer:

Good quality and popular compact and portable foot massager in India

A massage on this model, fully caters to the toes, ankles and sole regions of your foot.

It comes with a number of massaging options for the customers to benefit from. Rolling, scraping, kneading, heat, air-pressure.

It’s literally like an armory of massages. One has so many options to indulge in, during those 15 minutes that one is actually spoilt for choice.

It looks distinct and the ergonomics that have gone into the design of the product, really make it convenient to use.

If you want a longer massage, longer than the standard 15 minutes, you can choose to do so, as well.

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#4.Lifelong FootRelief Massager LLFM:

Top 5 best compact and portable foot massager in India

This is one of the more simpler models mentioned in this article. In terms of features, it doesn’t offer too many fancy knick-knacks but that doesn’t, in any way mean that it’s not a good massager.

Irrespective of the features, it definitely relieves stress and improves blood circulation in the body.

It uses reflexology massage therapy, which basically includes kneading and vibration based massages.

The speed of the massager is customizable, while it also comes with an auto shut-off feature, that gets activated every 15 minutes.

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#5.JSB HF67 Energy Booster Fitness Massager:

Best quality compact and portable foot massagers for your home use in India

One can’t really call this a ‘foot massager’, in fact it functions more like an all body masasger.

It can be used to improve blood circulation, reduce stress and even work out. The oscillation massage helps with weight loss, as well.

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