Best Massage chair with cost under 1 Lakh Rupees in India in 2018

Full body massage chairs are very expensive products. They are luxury products and there’s no hiding from that. However, companies have identified a secondary market for these products. They have started producing massage chairs that cost less than the average price of these products. I.e 1 lakh.

There are a lot of people, from upper and even upper middle class families, that have the desire for such a massager but had been dissuaded from its purchase because they felt that the massager was exorbitantly priced.

Well, addressing the concerns of such people, companies have come up with cheaper massage chairs. This article covers only those products.

Let’s not forget one thing. These products are full body massage chairs. However, they are the cheaper massage chairs sold in the market. At the end of the day, they are still massage chairs and therefore it’s the features of the product one should look at before its purchase.

Features: Full body massagers these days are extremely technologically advanced. Although, the price that you are paying for these products might be substantially less when compared to the other high-end models of the same product, you can still see a lot of technology  incorporated in these products. Many products might come with very similar features, too. Don’t get confused. Take your time and ultimately, make an informed decision.

Now we will look at five massage chairs that are available online, along with some of their distinguishing features, which perhaps, will help you sometime in the near future.

Best Massage chair with cost under 1 Lakh Rupees in India in 2018:

#1.Robotouch Royal Automatic massage chair with music:

Best massage chai with cost under 1 lakh rupees in India

Apart from being designed in such a way that it’s capable of delivering a perfect massage, it comes with an pre-installed mp3 player, as well. That’s quite a handy feature when you look at it.

Imagine yourself, enjoying one of the five massage modes that it has to offer while at the same time listening to your favourite tunes.

That’s like music and massage therapy at once! This model has a lot of features. From automatic massages to manual massages, from customizable massage intensity levels to customizable positioning.

There are a couple of automated features, with memory storage as well.

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#2.TELEBrands-HBN Massage Chair:

Top 5 best massage chairs under 1 lakh rupees in India

According to the seller, this is ‘the lowest priced chair massager’ available in the country.

The specifics of the features that this product has to offer isn’t really stated. It’s exact product dimensions, however are: 109 x 78 x 70 cms.

An LCD hand controller, enables the user to easily control their massage. The massager uses air pressure to massage the calf, hip and thigh areas, while it comes with 14 kneading massage balls that cater to one’s back.

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#3.RoboTouch – Royal Massage Chair:

Good quality and popular massage chairs with cost below 1 lakh rupees in India

The massager comes programmed with five massage modes. Different parts of the chair, such as the arms, shoulders etc. of the massager chair are flexible and can be moved around to suit the individual’s needs.

That’s how it manages the individuality aspect of every customer. It’s equipped with both: automatic and manual massage features, catering to both: the upper and lower body.

The intensity of the massages can be set according to one’s preferences. It comes equipped with more than 30 air-bags in total.

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#4.Robotouch Elegant Featured Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair:

Best electric massage chair under 1 lakh rupees in India

With the help of technology, this product can automatically detect the massage points on one’s upper body and then treat this point by using any one of its five massage modes: kneading, shiatsu, flapping, knocking and synchronism.

Additionally, it has five automatic massage modes and an option to create an own custom massage and have it saved for future use. An air pressure massage is also an option, while the pre-set timings of the massages range from 15-30 minutes.

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#5.RoboTouch Civic – Commercial Vending Coin Operated Automatic Massage Chair:

Best and affordable massage chair to buy online in India

This model is by no means recommended for home use. It works on the principle of a vending machine. Perfect, if you want to add an element of luxury to your shop or you really want to give your customers a unique experience whenever they visit.

What’s more there is research to back this purchase. According to some studies as quoted by the seller, this massage chair has actually positively influenced the performance of some retail and gaming venues.

The massager isn’t really customizable in nature, rather, it’s really automated in nature. It also has a separate foot massage unit that perhaps, adds to the whole body massage feature that it can deliver to its customers.

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