5 Best Luggage weighing machines to buy in India in 2018

The luggage weighing scale is a machine that is used to weigh the mass weight of any item. These scales are really comes in handy if you are a frequent traveler and wants to check your luggage weight.

These are very affordable weighing machines which mostly comes in as hanging type.We have picked some of the best luggage weighing machines to buy in India so as to help you out with the selection.

Best Luggage weighing machine

Top 5 best luggage weighing machines in India in 2018:

There are many brands in India which offer weighing scales to weigh in luggage and here is the top list to choose from.

#1.Bulfyss Durable 50 kg Luggage Scale:

best luggage weighing scale in India

The Bulfyss luggage scale is very small and easy to take in travel. This is a light weighted scale which you can carry this anywhere you go. The capacity of the machine to weigh is up to 50 kg.

The luggage weighing scale is necessary for you to take in travel to weigh your luggage. It is made very compact and it has LCD display to read the weight of your luggage. The Bulfyss luggage scale is easy to operate. Switch on the scale and weigh the item. It has auto power off switch as well.

This is definitely worth buying for it’s features and affordable cost.


#2.Ez Life Black Luggage Scale:

best luggage weighing machines in India

The compact design and the light weight of the product make it easy to carry during the travel. It is suitable for the family as it weighs the accurate measurement. The weighing scale is easy to handle.

The battery is saved by the auto power off switch in the device. The LCD screen display is wide so as to see the readings. This makes you to read the weight easily. The indication is provided for the over weight of the luggage. The maximum weight is up to 50 kg.


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#3.Weighing Scale 50 kg Digital Heavy Duty Multipurpose Portable Weight Luggage scale:

Best quality and affordable weighing machines to buy in India

The design of the weighing scale is made for the easy use. The machine is easy to handle without your hand gets hurt and injured. The hook in the device will allow measuring the weight of the device.

The weight will be displayed on the LCD screen. The maximum weight is up to 50 kg. The device will measure the weight at once the item is placed on the hook.

The luggage weighing scale has the auto power off switch. The machine will be power off if not in use for 120 seconds. If you need to power off instantly, then you can switch off the device manually. This gives the accurate measurement and compact for easy carrying the machine.

#4.Bulfyss 45 kg Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale/luggage Hanging Weight Scale + temperature:

Top weighing machines to weigh luggage in India

The design of the weighing scale is ultra model. The Bulfyss luggage hanging weighing scale is more accurate in giving the measurement of the item. This is not used for the commercial purposes.

The maximum weight is up to 45 kg. The device is made portable for easy carrying in the travel. The LCD display shows the weight to read. When the weight is displayed, it will lock automatically.

#5.Portable Electronic Luggage Scale 50 kg:

Best luggage weighing machine to buy from online in India

The machine can weigh the item with minimum of 10 grams to maximum of 50 kg. The device has automatic power off feature to save the life of the battery. The indication is to indicate the overweight. The LCD display helps to read the measurement. This gives accurate measurement.

These are some of the luggage weighing machines that are portable for you to carry when you travel. This helps to measure the weight of your luggage.Go through the list and pick the best that serves your purpose.

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