Best Leg and Foot Massagers in India – Top 5 list in 2018

Everybody knows what a massager does. It’s functional utility lies in its name itself: massager. A commodity for the rich, a massager mostly comes under the luxury goods segment and for good reason.

They are expensive commodities but almost everybody who purchases them, feels that, based on the benefits and comfort the commodity transmits, its price is more often than not justified.

Technological advancements are creating more and more features in the massagers available today. Some have even gone to the extent of looking at its impact on the health aspect of a consumer. A leg and foot massager could be purchased by anyone.

There is no particular time period as to ‘when’ someone should use this product. When your legs feel sore, go ahead and indulge in the comfort imparted by this equipment.

For sports people, however, it’s close to a necessity, as a massage after a day’s training session/work out is a must to loosen up one’s muscles, thereby in a way acting as some kind of protection against injuries. The older segment of the population is another very popular target market for these commodities.

Now, we understand that this is not a common-everyday purchase and therefore, naturally some thought has to be put behind it, before spending such money. Here are a couple of parameters that you can look at while evaluating a particular leg and foot massager, that you are planning to purchase:

  • Features and benefits: As in all expensive and technologically advanced commodities, the features and the benefits that one gets out of these features must be one of the first things to consider. Try to find a match between your expectations and a massager that comes close, at least, to satisfying these expectations. Health benefits, flexibility, different types of modes etc. are just some of the parameters that you can look at.
  • Power consumption: Not only are these commodities expensive at the time of purchase, but they don’t leave you with too much of disposable income even after the purchase. Each time you use it, your electricity bill get’s slightly longer. Companies have realised that this factor matters to the consumers and have used electricity consumption as a means of product differentiation. Therefore, different models, have different electricity consumption patterns. Ideally, look for one which offers great features and doesn’t utilize too much electricity while providing these features.

Just so that you can start your ‘preliminary product’ research as early as possible, we have made a list of, five of the best leg and foot massagers available online.

Top 5 Best Leg and Foot Massagers in India in 2018:

#1.JSB HF05 Leg and Foot Massager:

Best leg and foot massager to buy online in India

The first thing to look at, are the features of the product. Three different modes of vibration and kneading, along with giving the consumer to option to play around with the speed of the massage, ensure that all the ‘tension’ in and around your leg and foot region is rightly treated.

The massager is rubber padded, adding to the whole comfort factor that it delivers. It’s fully customizable and comes with an auto shut off features, that gets activated in 15 minutes.

You can relax and recline up to 45as it’s super economical in terms of energy consumption. Instructions on how it functions is given on the box and it’s not too complex a process, one which anyone can understand.

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#2.GHK H30 Leg And Foot Massager with Foot Rollers:

Best leg and foot massager for personal use at home in India

GHK products are easy to counterfeit and therefore, must be bought from reputable sources only.

What’s special about this model is that the fabric that lines the massager is in fact, washable in nature.

This way the infamous feet like stench, if it ever persists, can be easily done away with. Apart from that, it functions like a normal leg and foot massager, effectively doing its job to the calves, sole, ankles etc. of your leg.

It’s easy to use, in terms of using the controls, and comes with a 15-minute auto shut-off option as well.

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#3.HealthSense Elegant Leg & Foot Massager:

top 5 best leg and foot massagers to buy online in India

A highly sophisticated model, although it is slightly on the heavier side, it comes with foot scraping and reflexology features that ensure all the pressure points in the leg are looked to.

The technology used, although new in nature, it itself uses traditional massaging techniques. Users have the option of getting their entire leg massaged collectively, or, the individual parts namely; ankle, calves etc., massaged separately.

The air pressure controlled mattress brings an element of comfort and flexibility to this machine, thereby just adding to its credentials. HealthSense have added one particular feature that differentiates this particular model from the other ones.

The far-infrared heating element that it’s equipped with, is a perfect blend of science and technology because of which this model caters to the health aspects of a human being, much better than many other models.

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#4.JSB Foot Master Leg and Foot Massager:

Good quality and popular leg and foot massager in India

Unlike the other model, mentioned in this article that is offered by JSB, this one is slightly less advanced.

Instead of three+three, it comes with two automatic modes and three manual modes.

Users have the freedom of massaging any part of their foot or leg, as it is a flexible and customizable massager.

If need be, you can get all the parts massaged at once as well.

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#5.Robotouch Delux Foot Massager:

top 5 best branded leg and foot massagers to buy online in India

The ‘Delux’ in the name, proves to be a very well-acclaimed hint to this product’s demand in the luxury market. The list of it’s well acclaimed features starts off with automatic detection, which is then followed up by giving the user the ability to design his own custom massage settings.

If that wasn’t enough, the machine, more like a robot, remembers this ‘massage program’ allowing one to design a massage and save it.

The extent to which one can customize this product is extraordinary, probably that’s what majorly attributes to the product’s USP. Apart from these unique features, the model has all the regular features as well, with an abundance in the air bags department.

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