Best Heat Belt to buy online in India

Heat belts prove to be very useful products due their uses for therapeutic purposes. These are an important item to have in the household.

These come in handy while dealing with muscle pull, strains and pains due to it. These are quite compact devices, very low weighed and can be carried around.

While shopping for heat belt one should look out for the following factors:

Material used: The materials used in manufacturing of the device should be of good quality and the user should not be allergic towards the materials used.

Sturdy:  Since the device is to be used on a moreover regular basis thus the materials used and the build of the device should be such that it is able to withstand that.

Cost: The device should cost in accordance to the materials used and the features it has and of course it should lie within the customer’s budget.

If you are going for heat belt then you can look out for these products.

Best Heat Belt to buy online in India:

#1.Flamingo – Orthopaedic Heat Belt – Extra Large:

Best quality heat belt to buy from online in India

The product uses imported long-lasting heating coils and has 4 layers of insulation on either side to provide complete comfort and safety.

The product also has in-built twin thermostat for 100 percent safety.

The product has ultra soft washable cotton cover with belt having Velcro strap-on.

The product comes in three convenient sizes and is flexible and can be used on any afflicted area.

#2.Vioheat – Electric Heat Belt – Universal Size:

Good quality and low cost heat belt to buy online in India

The device contains a heat regulator for three heat levels – Low, Medium and High.

It also has an inbuilt thermostat to ensure safety and maintaining the temperature.

The product is made as such that it offers a soft cushion feel. It is flexible and comes with a stretchable Velcro belt attached.

The device can be used on the back, knee, shoulder, elbow, calf etc. The belt has a Universal Large Size – elastic belt suitable for all sizes.

#3.Flamingo HC 1002 Orthopaedic Heating Belt (X-Large):

Good quality and affordable electric heat belt in India

The device uses an inbuilt thermostat for safe and better heat. Along with this it has 4 layers of soft insulation as well as imported long-lasting heating coil and washable Velcro belt.

The belt has a large size of 33 x 25.4 centimeters for greater relief. The device has a maximum temperature setting 80 degrees centigrade.

It is useful for backaches, sprain, muscular, joint pains, abscesses, women related pains and comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

#4.Active heat Electrical Surgical Heating Belt XL size (H1010):

Best electric heat belt from top brands in India

The product uses a Heavy Duty Coil along with Dual Thermostat. The device aids to provide relief to sore muscles, it also decreases joint stiffness and pain for arthritis patients.

There are three different heat settings which are controlled by a convenient slide switch to produce heat therapy.

A soft outer cover is provided which keeps the belt from sticking to your skin and provides comfort to filter the excess heat to your skin.

#5.EPION Orthopedic Heat Belt – Universal Size:

Best quality heat belts to buy online in India in 2017

The device offers 4 Heat level (this is the first machine to do so in its category).

The device has 5 layers of insulation on each side to provide complete comfort & safety.

The device has extra soft washable cover. The device is flexible and can be used on any affected area.

The device also has in-built 2 thermostats for temperature maintenance.

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