Best Heart Rate Monitor to buy online in India in 2018

As years go by, trends come and go too. At the onset of the twenty-first century, health and fitness products were gaining traction. Suddenly, out of nowhere, people started thinking twice before eating a burger. In fact, right now, this ‘fitness craze’ is bordering preposterous.

Even while drinking alcohol people look at calories and choose their drinks accordingly! Companies however, have tapped into this market really well.

The growing popularity of sleep monitors and heart rate monitors is a prime example. Heart rate monitors, mostly, come in the form of a wearable.

Athletes, are specifically attracted to these monitors as it provides them with data that they use to their advantage. The average consumer too, captivated by this ‘fitness’ trend, in the end gets captivated by these products, making them really hot property today.

Heart rate monitors aren’t for everybody. They are expensive products. Real fitness enthusiasts or people vying to be one, looking for motivation and have the discretionary income can go for the purchase.

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Since, they are predominantly wearable, there is just one major thing to look at before purchase, the obvious: features.

Features: Features, features and features. How do companies rope in customers? Features. Heart rate monitors, sounds pretty straightforward right? What features could they have? Well, companies have destroyed this notion with the various models of these products on sale in the market. You get heart rate monitors with sleep monitors. You get heart rate monitors with activity trackers. There are a lot of options for the ordinary consumer to choose from. The flip side, however, being that the more the advanced the features, generally at least, the higher the price. Therefore, don’t let the features blind you. Choose a product that’s affordable, and one that has the features to satisfy your need.

Window shopping online? Or, legit shopping? We don’t care. Here is the list of five heart rate monitors, along with a little bit of information on each to help you out with your selection.

Best Heart Rate Monitor to buy online in India in 2018:

#1.Fitbit Charge Heart Rate and Activity Wristband:

Best heart rate monitor to buy online in India in 2017

This article is about heart rate monitors, so we will focus on that function of the Fitbit Charge.

However, before getting into that, you should know that apart from being a heart rate monitor, the Fitbit Charge is a sleep monitor(Best Sleep Monitor in India) and activity tracker as well.

The PurePulse heart rate system, ensures automatic heart rate tracking, without the need of an uncomfortable chest strap that many other heart rate trackers come with.

The watch has a brilliant OLED display, on which all the information can be read.

#2.Garmin vívosmart HR+ Activity Tracker:

Top 5 best heart rate monitors in India

Another heart rate monitor cum activity tracker, this too, works on a wrist-based heart rate monitoring principle.

This heart rate monitoring function is further complemented by GPS. The technology it incorporates is quite advanced, ensuring accurate information at all times.

It has been built keeping in mind the ruggedness, that sports is associated with, therefore, durability should not be a major concern at all.

#3.Mio Alpha 2 Heart Rate Monitor Sports Watch:

Best quality heart rate monitor to buy in India in 2017

As the name implies, it’s not a smart fitness watch, it’s more of a sports watch with limited features.

The heart rate system however, works without a chest strap and on the principle of wrist-based heart monitoring.

Just like all sports/fitness watches, this is the USP of such heart rate monitors. Heart-rate monitoring is integral for an athlete.

Mio have therefore not turned a blind eye towards this aspect of their watch(Best Smart Fitness Watch in India).

The Optimal Heart Rate technology that it comes with, gives the athlete a deep insight into what their heart rate should be, in the respective circumstance.

It’s accurate and highly durable subject to the fact that it’s equally effective in land and water.

#4.Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor:

India's best heart rate monitors to buy online in 2017

Unlike the heart rate monitors mentioned above, that work on a wrist-based heart monitoring system, this particular monitor is a strap that’s worn around the chest.

It’s true that these heart rate monitors are losing traction to the more stylish and convenient, wearable watches but that doesn’t undermine their utility by any means.

Affordability, that’s one thing that still swings in their favour. The Garmin Premium Heart Rate Monitor is adjustable in size, comfortable fit and extremely convenient to use.

Once it’s paired up with a device, it can wireless transmit all the data collected, to it, without the need of pairing it each and every time it’s put in use.

#5.Garmin Forerunner 920xt Fitness Watch with Heart Rate Monitor:

Good quality and popular heart rate monitor to buy online in 2017

A watch and a heart rate monitor, with extremely sophisticated technology, this product is recommended only for the serious enthusiasts.

The heart rate monitor comes in the form of a strap, that can be connected to the fitness watch to enhance its performance.

Once set-up, you can get access to advanced information such as recovery time, racing potential and what not.

Based on the information it generates, it can answer a lot of your questions, for which you would otherwise need a professional.

However, all this is possible only on the basis of assumptions. This has been designed keeping in mind each and every minute need, that a professional athlete might have.

Self-dependency and guidance, that’s what you can expect out of this watch.

Go through this top list of Heart rate monitors in India and pick one according to your choice,need and budget.

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