Top 5 Best Gold Weighing Machines to buy in 2018

A gold weighing machine must provide accurate results. Any discrepancies in the readings might cause severe losses to either the buyer or the seller.

That being considered, one would not want to risk when choosing a gold weighing machine. That’s where we wanted to help you out by providing the list of good jewellery weighing scales so that you could pick one easily.


Best Gold weighing machine

Best weighing machines for gold jewellery in India:

There are good number of jewellery weighing scales available in India and most of them does the same with similar functions.

You would have to pick one which comes with good quality so that it can be used for long and most importantly gives accurate results.

We have picked the list of 5 gold weight machines so that you could pick one according to your choice.Here goes the list

#1.Smart Weigh GEM20 high Precision Digital Milligram Scale 20 * 0.001 gram ideal for weighing Gems Jewellery and other Precious Objects (Silver):

Best weighing machine for gold jewellery in India

The smart weigh gem is one of the best model for weighing gold items. This gives the accurate measurement of weight.

The weight of the jewels can measured in grams. The most jewellery use the smart weigh gem weighing machine to weigh the jewels as they give exact measurement. This has auto power on/off switch.


#2.Atom jewellery Digital Weighing Scale A102:

The atom jewellery digital weighing machine is used to weigh the accurate measurement of gold in grams. The jewellery weighing machine gives the accurate measurement.

The pan of the machine is made up of stainless steel. The calibration is automatic. The device has auto power on/off switch. The design of the atom weighing machine is made very stylish. There are varieties in the atom model.


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#3.Pesco Professional Electronic/Digital Weighing Scale A101 500 gms :

Top jewellery weighing scales to buy from online in India

The pesco professional gold weighing machine is used to weight the gold and gems. The design of the machine is made with auto power on/off switch.

At once you place the item to check the weight in the machine, the machine will get power on. The auto power off the device if not used for 60 seconds. This gives an accurate measurement to weigh the grams of the gold.

#4.Gadget’s Hero’s Digital Gold Weighing Scale 0.01g to 200g:

Best gold weight machine in India

The gadget’s gold weighing machine is used to weigh the gold in grams. The design is made to handle it easily.

The gold jewel can weigh the minimum of 0.01g and to the maximum of 200g. The Gadget’s hero digital machine displays the weight of the units in G, OZ, TL, and CT.

This gives very accurate results and has got excellent feedback from customers. The auto power on/off switch helps to save the life of the battery.

#5.Skywalk Digital jewellery / Kitchen Weighing Scale – 500G/0.1G with Blue Backlight Function:

Best weighing machine for gold jewellery in India

The weighing scale has LCD display to show the weight and the readings are easy to read. The auto power on/off switch makes the battery to last long.

There is an indication of over weight when ever the total gold put on the weighing machine is over it’s capacity.

These are some of the best jewellery weighing machines to measure weights of gold or other ornaments. Go ahead and pick one according to your preference.

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