Best Full body Massage Chair to buy online in India in 2018

Luxury,A synonym for a full body massage chair. Out of the massaging equipment available in the market, none, come even close to a full body massage chair.

Features, comfort and benefits, all of this comes at a price and this statement could not be any truer for this product, especially. They are really expensive pieces of equipment, with a lot of things that make it special.

There are so many different models available, each having their own USP. But if you have the disposable income with you and really value your peace of mind, it’s an investment you won’t regret.

When you sit in this chair after a long-tiring day, amnesia takes hold you for just those moments and suddenly you forget all the tension that had accumulated during the day. It works quite like a magic spell.

When it comes to full body massagers, there is only one thing to look at and that is its features.

Features: The luxury that is extracted from the product comes from its features and features only. Full body massagers these days are extremely technologically advanced. Because of competition and advances in technology, the number, quality and kinds of features that these products come with is steadily increasing. Evaluate the features, see what you like and perhaps making a decision will be slightly easier then.

Given below is a list of five full body massagers, with bits of information regarding the features that they come with:

Best Full body Massage Chair to buy online in India in 2018:

#1.Robotouch Maxima Luxury Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair:

Best full body massage chair to buy online in India

Highly flexible and technologically advanced, this model embodies a modern day massager.

There are three massaging options that it comes with, the intensity of which can be changed according to one’s preferences.

Air pressure and heating function are the two methods of massages that it’s modelled upon.

The ergonomics gone into the design of the massage is nothing short of being outstanding.

If not all, almost all the major aspects of it are prone to customization, thereby catering to the individuality of every person.

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#2.Robotouch Elegant Featured Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair:

Top 5 best full body massage chairs to buy in India

With the help of technology, this product can automatically detect the massage points on one’s upper body and then treat this point by using any one of its five massage modes: kneading, shiatsu, flapping, knocking and synchronism.

Additionally, it has five automatic massage modes and an option to create an own custom massage and have it saved for future use.

An air pressure massage is also an option, while the pre-set timings of the massages range from 15-30 minutes.

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#3.JSB MZ15 Powerful 3D Full Body Massage Chair:

Good quality and popular full body massage chairs in India

This model is designed in such a way that it replicates the comfort of your bed. Lie down, relax and then choose from the multiple massage options that it has to offer.

Kneading, shiatsu, kneading with tapping, tapping and knock and sir squeeze are the main massage options.

Leaving these methods aside, it also has a different massage to offer that is called a pot massage. This massage allows the user to target a specific portion of their back.

The swing massage is another unique massage it has to offer. To beat out the stiffness of your body, the machine facilitates the twisting of the waist region from right to left, to release all the tension and stiffness that the back/lower back region experiences.

Another really unique thing about this massager is the height adjustability option, which acts as a real blessing.

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#4.Robotouch Elite Full Featured Smart Luxury Zero Gravity Massage Chair:

top 5 best full body electric massage chair in India

Another full body massager by RoboTouch but this is one is slightly more advanced.

The main methods of massage remain the same (kneading, flapping, Kneading and flapping, shiatsu, knocking). It too, come with an automatic position scanning function, along with seven other automatic massage modes.

Especially for the waist region, it has four separate massage functions embedded in it.

For the other regions, primarily the upper body, it offers manual massages with the option to adjust the intensity as per one’s liking.

Air pressure massages are an option with the product, for both: upper and lower body. Another plus point about this product is that it’s parts such as the upper arms, etc. are all flexible, in terms of being rotatable and things of that sort.

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#5.JSB MZ16 Luxury 3D Full Body Massage Chair:

Best full body electric massage chair to buy online in India for home use

If price has ever been a measure of quality, this is the best full body massager in this list at least.

One surprising aspect about this model is that it’s comparatively small in size, thereby occupying minimal space in a house leaving more room for other important things.

Just as in the other model offered by JSB, it offers very similar massaging methods (kneading, shiatsu,  tapping, knock and air squeeze).

The five automatic modes that it comes is complemented by the ‘best in class spot massage’ function.

User’s have the additional option to play around with the intensity of both: the massage as well as the air pressure.

Well if you can afford such a commodity why not spoil yourself a little bit more letting it do the stretching for you every morning, once you get up from bed. It’s stretching massage function does just that. And again, height is not an issue.

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