Best Foot and Thigh Massager to buy online in India in 2018

The utility of this product is known to everyone. It is used to massage the foot and thigh region of your leg, to improve blood circulation and release the tension that has accumulated, after a long, tiring day.

But how is a foot and thigh massager different when compared to a leg and foot massager? The primary difference can be understood by reading the name itself. In the former product, the massager caters to the thigh regions very well, but not regions near the ankle and below. Whereas, the latter product works exactly in the opposite way.

So what aspects of the product should look at while evaluating? Here are a couple of parameters, that are definitely not definite and can be just used a guideline during purchase:

  • Features and benefits: Sellers put in particular features in a product to address certain needs. Because of competition, sometime the features that these products come with, have the possibility of addressing issues that the consumer’s itself didn’t expect. Therefore, the best way to evaluate the product on the basis of features is to try to find a match between your expectations and a massager that comes close, at least, to satisfying these expectations. Health benefits, flexibility, different types of modes etc. are just some of the parameters that you can look at.
  • Portability: Although not that important a criteria, a portable massager will always attract a certain audience. The portability aspect of the product would depend on the product’s design. Weight, flexibility etc. are some other things to be kept in mind. Some of the people who would be really interested in this kind of information are travellers, freelancing photographers etc.It would even be helpful for anyone as it can be used at any place instead of keeping it in a single place.

Here is a list of five foot and thigh massagers that you should look at before making a purchase:

Best Foot and Thigh Massager to buy online in India in 2018:

#1.JSB HF66 Air Compression Foot Calf and Thigh Massager:

Best foot and thigh massager for home use in India

It comes in the form of a belt that can wrapped around any body part of yours, however, it’s most efficient when it’s wrapped around the leg, calf and thigh regions.

There are three different kinds of massages that you can take advantage of. The air pressure mode for pain relief, vibration mode for better blood circulation and a heat mode for relaxation.

Furthermore, you can customize the intensity levels of the massager as well.

It’s ideal for a vast audience and because of the ease with which it can be carried around, travellers too, can choose to opt for this model.

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#2.Robotouch Classic Plus Foot & Calf:

Top quality foot and thigh massagers to buy online in India

This is a product that’s more in the leg and foot massager category as compared to  the thigh and foot massager category.

Regardless, it too, makes the use of heating and air pressure technology for its massages. Each part of the leg is massaged in a different way.

For eg: kneading is used for the thigh regions, rollers for the foot region. Etc. Beautiful in design and with around 30 airbags for comfort and massaging purposes.

The Robotouch Classic comes with an auto shut-off feature that switches off the machine automatically every 15 minutes.

A great deal of research went into the design of the product, which is perhaps one of the underlying reasons behind its impressive flexibility.

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#3.JSB HF60 Shiatsu Leg, Foot and Thigh Massager:

Good and popular foot and thigh massagers for personal use at home in India

While the first product in this article was also a foot and thigh massager by JSB Healthcare, this particular model, is not nearly as portable as the former one.

However, it’s considered to be one of the most innovative products in this particular field. Why?

Unlike most of the appliances available in the market that are very similar in design, the uniqueness of this product is in the fact that you can tilt the upper part of the massager in such a way that, your thighs too, can be made to relax with significant ease.

And of course, the same heat and air bag technology is used to deliver the promised, relaxing and comfortable massages.

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#4.Robotouch RT30A Classic Plus Foot and Calf Massagers:

top 5 best foot and thigh massagers to buy online in India

Robotouch products are considerably expensive products but technologically, they are really advanced.

The RT30A model is beautiful in appearance, with its body divided into two: upper and lower sector. The combination of kneading and rolling in its massage technology is responsible for the effectiveness of the product.

After 15 minutes, the massager shuts off automatically, resulting in optimal power consumption.

An LED display allows the users to control the massager the way they want, giving them the option to choose between different modes and different intensities for the massage.

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#5.Classic Shiatsu Leg, Foot and Thigh Massager:

India's best foot and thigh massager for personal use at home in India

While this product and the second product in this article are really similar, this particular one  was designed, keeping in mind the Japanese way of acupuncture, Shiatsu.

Kneading and heating are the two primary techniques of massaging that have been incorporated in this model.

The upper section of the massager is very flexible, while the bottom bit, too, is flexible but not to the same extent.

An auto-shut off function, enables optimum utilization of power and the detachable fabric cover that it comes with, allows the consumer to clean the massager with relative ease.

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