Best Electronic Weighing Machine Brands in India

There are many companies in India which manufacture weighing machines and offer different types of weighing products.Some companies are known for their cost effective weight measuring machines and some are known for commercial weighing scales and some are for known for personal or baby weighing scales.

We have picked top brands which offer weighing machines in India based on how well their products are being sold and various types of weighing scales offered and user feedback.


Best electronic weighing machine brands in India

Best Electronic Weighing Machine Brands in India:

Here is the list of top picks for weighing machine brands in India.


The Omron is an electronics company and originated from Japan. In early 1993, Kazuma Tateishi established the company Omron. The name Omron is derived by the place Omuro in Kyoto where the company is originated. The Omron is a very popular brand in electronics devices..

Omron made the weighing scales in a variety of designs. The price of the Omron weighing machines ranges from Rs 1100 to Rs 5000 rupees. The Omron brand weighing machines are best in price and value. Read this Omron weighing scale review to know about their quality.


#2.Health Sense:

The Health sense is the brand of fitness and healthcare products. The brand is popular because of its innovative designs. Health sense was founded by Mr.Yugantar Agarwal before many years. The motive of the brand is to serve the customers of the nation with innovative designs.

Several latest technologies are being used for the developing models. Health sense makes many weighing machines. Health sense is one of the popular brands of manufacturing weighing machines due to its quality and  unique design. The prices of the Health sense weighing machine will range from Rs 900 to Rs 1,900. They also introduce the digital weighing scale for the accurate measurement.

Healthsense is famous for it’s personal weighing scales in India.


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In 2001, Equinox was incorporated which is now a leading company manufacturing health care products. The company makes many products for commercial use and the health care equipment segment. Equinox is a popular and leading brand for health products.

The products of Equinox are of high standards and good quality. Electronic weighing machines made by equinox are of very good quality and is preferred by thousands of people all over the world. They have a fair price margin which makes equinox to compete with all major brands out there and be a strong competitor.

They offer analog,digital and baby weighing scales.Here is the comparison between Healthsense,Omron and Equinox weighing scales.

#4.Health Genie:

Heath genie is an Indian brand which is famous for it’s weighing machines . If you are in a confusion to choose a weighing machine, then this is one model which you have to definitely look at.

They offer different weighing scales with famous quotes and in various eye catchy colours.For a cost of around 1000 rupees,you could get a good weight machine from Health genie brand.


Nova weigh industries was started in 2003 and is based out of Punjab,India.They manufacture and export all types of digital weighing scales and accessories.They have weighing scales ranging from 300 gm capacity to 100 mt capacity.

They are famous for commercial weighing scale and kitchen weighing scales.Check the Nova weighing scales review here.

They offer wide variety of weighing scales under different series like Bench series,counter series,platform series,jewellery series,tabletop series and crane series.You could check the Nova company website from here.


Bulfyss weighing scale is one of the bestselling weighing scales available in the Indian market . Bulfyss offers hanging weighing scales and kitchen weighing scales which are very affordable and can be bought for less than 500 rupees.

Here is the review of Bulfyss Kitchen Weighing scale in India.

#7.Gadget Bucket:

In 2011, the Gadget Bucket was launched. The motive of the company in the beginning was to provide the best gadgets with a good price. Later the team worked on developing the products for computers, home appliances, health, toys, stationary, perfumes and so on.

The gadget bucket gives a good service for the customers. The electronic weighing machine has been developed by the gadget Bucket. The machine is designed to give the exact measurement of weight. The weighing machine has many features designed in it. The price of the Gadget bucket electronic weighing machines starts from Rs 270.

These are some of the best brands of electronic weighing scales in India. These brands continue releasing new products every now and then. Stay subscribed to our updates so that you don’t miss any news on weighing machines.

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