5 Best Commercial Weighing Machine For Small Businesses in India in 2018

Commercial weighing scales are used for various purposes. Both Platform scales and bathroom scales have commercial uses.

The commercial weighing machines can be used in small shops to measure weights up to 50 kg or in heavy weight related industries where they handle weights more than 100 kg.


Best Commercial weighing Machine

Best commercial weighing machines in India:

There are many weighing scales available for commercial use and we have picked top 5 popular and good ones here.

Go through all and pick the one which suits your need and budget.

#1.Crown Electronic Commercial Platform Weighing Scale:

Best commercial weighing scale to buy in India

The product is made of stainless steel. This machine has a completely polished finishing. It has a 6 wattage battery provided with the weighing machine.

The LED display is placed at the top for viewing the readings easily. It can weigh more than 200 kgs. It has different models based on its weighing capacity.

Do not allow water or any other liquid to contact the surface of the machine as it will affect the machine. Do not shake the machine while functioning and always avoid pressure from the top.

This is one of top rated commercial weighing machines online in India and suits well for all shops with weighing requirement of more than 100 kg.


#2.Pesco Stainless Steel Commercial Weighing Scales:

Best weighing machine for commercial purpose in India

The Pesco commercial weighing machine is made of stainless steel. It has weighing capacity of upto 30 kgs which makes it ideal for small groceries and other stores.

This commercial weighing scale gives the accurate measurement of the item. The entire body of this machine is made of stainless making it resistant to breakage and stains. 

It provides accurate readings which can be read through the LED display available in the machine. It has an inbuilt battery.

Go for it if you are looking for a weighing scale in a grocery shop or kirana shop.


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#3.Atom Battery & Electricity Operated Digital Kitchen and Commercial Weighing Scale :

Top commercial weighing machines to buy in India

The atom weighing machine is one of the best electronic commercial weighing machine ideal for small grocery stores and small businesses.

The maximum weighing capacity of the weighing machine is up to 25 kg. An adapter is also included in the weighing scale.

This weighing machine has the auto power off button. The indication is provided for overweight and for low battery warning on the device. A LCD display is used to read the weight.

It runs with electricity ,so there is no hassle of changing batteries regularly and is the major advantage of this weighing machine.

#4.Atom Commercial Hanging Weighing Scale 100kg A350:

Best Hanging commercial weighing scale in india

The design of the atom commercial hanging weighing scale is made easy to handle. The weighing scale is very compact and light weighted. So you can carry along with you when you travel. The overall capacity of the weighing machine is up to 100 kg.

The atom commercial hanging weighing scale is more popularly used in agriculture and small scale industries. This is very useful in weighing the items with the accurate measurement.

#5.Atom Digital Kitchen Scale Battery and Electricity Operated:

Top commercial weighing machines in India

Atom has so many models in the commercial weighing machine segment. This is another model used for commercial businesses which require measurement of weight upto 7 kg as it is the capacity of the machine. It is a cheap model when compared to others.The atom digital kitchen scale can run using both battery and electricity. The battery can be replaced in the machine if it drains.

Hope the information provided here has helped to pick commercial purpose weighing machine as per your need.

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