Best Car Back Seat Massager to buy online in India in 2018

It’s by no means mystifying that such a product is available in the market. There are so many people who complain about their back after long drives that it was no surprise when companies started manufacturing car back-seat massagers.

The bulk of the load, while driving, is exerted on the lower back region. The potholes on the Indian roads don’t make this any better.

Therefore, to be frank, this is a product that everybody should invest in. It’s no longer a ‘luxury’, rather it should be treated as a necessity.

Moreover, if not all, there are models available that are not at all heavy on the pockets and are in fact, quite affordable even. Of course, it cannot reduce the damage that driving does to your back. But with it, one feels much more equipped on their long drives.

When you are looking to buy car back seat massagers, these are two things that you could consider before making a decision.

Comfort: The idea behind a massager is too add to your comfort and not the other way around. But yet, there are a number of such massagers available that may be comfortable initially but after some time, as what will happen in long drives, it starts to get a little uncomfortable. Therefore, if it is possible make sure that the comfort of your car is not sacrificed in any way. It’s definitely hard to be a 100% sure as to how it will work in the long run but at least see that you are comfortable at that moment.

Features: Some car back seat massagers have so many unique features that they might feel out of place in a regular car, or, if you look at it the other way, they can make a regular car feel like a luxury car. Based on what you are looking for, choose a massager that comes with those features.

Although such a product is not a traditional online-purchase, yet the boundaries, that for years have been regulating what can and what cannot be purchased online, are slowly evaporating.  So here is a list of five models, along with some information on their distinguishing features:

Best Car Back Seat Massager to buy online in India in 2018:

#1.GHK H4 Car Back Seat Massager:

Best car back seat massager to buy online in India

It’s obvious that this massager cater especially to the back region of the body. But a heating bag to deal with the inflammation of joints/muscle, is not something that comes with every car back seat massager.

The passenger/driver has access to very customizable massage patterns. One can not only choose between the five different massage levels that it comes with but also, which particular part of the back one wants massaged.

Good quality raw materials have been used in its production making it both: heat and water resistant.

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#2.Robotouch RBT MF7 Smart Car Seat Shiatsu Back Massager:

Best quality and branded car back seat massagers to buy online in India

Remember, how earlier in the article we mentioned something about how a regular car can be turned into something much more with just the purchase of a car back seat massager?

If that’s what you are looking for, this is the model for you. But of course, to indulge in such luxury one needs to have the dough to back this want.

The massage system that it uses is highly advanced. It offers such extents of customization, that not many other massagers can even compete with it.

For just the back massage, it has 9 different, pre-installed massage programs. Apart from the back, even the lower portion of your body has the option of being ‘treated’.

The seat comes with three different vibrational settings that improve the blood circulation in your legs. There is a lot more luxury that is associated with this product, these were just some of the highlights.

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#3.JSB HF19 Car Seat Back Vibration Massager:

top 5 best car back seat massager in India

The massager is designed in such a way that, five different portions of your back have access to a massage at any point of time during the drive.

Equally effective on both: the upper and lower regions of your back, this model makes great use of heat in its massages.

The heat is supposed to quickly relieve the muscles of the pain and the temperature can be controlled via a remote controller.

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#4.JSB HF23 Back and Neck Massager:

Good quality and popular car back seat massagers in India

This model has one very unique and eye-catching feature. Four parts of the back namely: upper, lower, middle and full back, all these areas can be targeted at once, using its ‘four massage selection’ feature.

It proves to be one of the distinguishing facets of this model. Another plus point is that, the entire massager is fully operational with a remote control.

Kneading and infrared are the two massaging procedures that this machine incorporates for its massages.

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#5.Robotouch RBT018 Back & Shoulder Shiatsu Massage Cushion:

top 5 best car back seat massager to buy online in India

Another ‘luxury’ car seat massager by RoboTouch. With this one however, we will just list out just some of the features as it comes with just too many features.

It comes with a strapping belt that makes it easy to attach to the different kinds of chairs. Heat and vibration, are two approaches that it takes to deal with tiredness and muscle aches, both of which are highly customizable as well.

The massager can be controlled via a programmed remote. It uses the Japanese, Shiatsu massaging technique for the back regions.

The user can direct the massage to the lower, upper or mid back region. All in all, it’s a very advanced massaging cushion that comes with a lot of features.

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