Best Blood Pressure Monitors to buy online in India

A good chunk of the world population suffers from fluctuations in blood pressure. This is not a very healthy fact but nonetheless, it’s true. Both: high and low blood pressure pose serious health problems.

People with high blood pressure are prone to strokes and blood clots, the more serious of the two fluctuations. Low blood pressure although not a very serious medical condition, causes dizziness and weakness in the patients.

Now that the fundamental risks of blood fluctuations have been brought to the table, it’s much easier to understand the need of a portable blood pressure monitor. Blood pressure monitors are recommended by doctors for many reasons.

One of the major reasons, if not the major reason being the fact that, with blood pressure monitors being available at home, the patient can continuously record their BP fluctuations and give the doctors detailed information.

The idea behind buying a blood pressure monitor is that you can record the data that matters at home, and during emergency situations when on the go.

Therefore the few things to look at before buying this product are:

Battery Life: It’s not going to be convenient if every time you need to check your blood pressure, you find out that the monitor is dead. Therefore, it’s best to buy one, with long battery life so that it’s not only convenient but reliant, as well.

Portability: If you can’t carry it around, it’s not that useful. Generally, all blood pressure monitors are portable. But if you are slightly more particular, look at its weight and product dimensions to assess its compactness and suitability for travel.

Features: Although the primary features of this product is to measure the blood pressure of a person, it still comes with many additional features to make it dual/multi-purpose. Examples of some of the supplementary features that few blood pressure monitors come with are: memory function, irregular heartbeat detection function, pulse etc. For some people, these ‘x’ number of features aren’t really attractive as they are just looking at simplicity. While, there will be others who take comfort from the fact that they can kill, two or more than two birds with just one stone.

Accuracy of the machine and the ease of use, are two other important criterions that can be taken into consideration before a purchase.

These products aren’t generally purchased online simply because they come under the healthcare segment of products. But with adequate knowledge about the product, there is no reason why one cannot purchase it online. Here are five models of blood pressure monitors that may just grab your attention.

Best Blood Pressure Monitors to buy online in India:

#1.Omron HEM-7120 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor:

Best blood pressure monitor to buy online in India

There are four primary benefits that come along with this model. Firstly, it’s automatic. Secondly, it’s easy to use.

Thirdly, it comes with a lot of features and fourthly, it has a good battery life of that’s indicated in times (1000 times). Further, adding to the utility of the product are its features.

It has a hypertension indicator feature, body movement detection and an irregular heartbeat indicator.

The dimensions of the product are: 103 x 80 x 129 mm, while, the arm cuff can fit on an arm with a circumference ranging from 22-32 cm. On top of all this, it weighs only 250 gms, making it a convenient machine to carry around.

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#2.Omron HEM-7130-L Blood Pressure Monitor:

top 5 best Blood pressure monitors to buy online in India

This is a much more advanced blood pressure monitor when compared to the one above. Not only does it offer very similar features but it also has a few more, that make this much more attractive.

The arm cuffs of it, can fit on a much larger arm, an arm with a circumference ranging between 22-42 cm. Another really cool feature of this blood pressure monitor is its memory feature.

It can store the last 60 readings that the machine records, along with the exact day and time it was taken.

Since the blood pressure of a person fluctuates greatly, even in short intervals of time, for a more accurate reading, the machine displays an average of the 3 readings taken by a person (last 3 readings).

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#3.Dr Morepen BP One BP09 Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor:

Best BP monitor to buy online in India

The exact product dimensions of this model are: 18.6 x 11.1 x 12.5 cm, while the machine weighs just 621 gms.

Moving on to the features that it has to offer. Low battery detection, irregular heartbeat detection and automatic switch-off, are it’s 3 main features.

Apart from this, it has 4 different users interface and the ability to store the last 120 readings. For power, it makes optimum use of 4 AA batteries.

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#4.Omron HEM-7113 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor:

Top 5 best BP monitors to buy online in India

The memory capacity of this model is much more limited when compared with the other models in this article.

It can store only 14 sets of reading, while other models can record up to 60 sets. The arm cuffs can cover an arm that’s 22-32 cm wide, in circumference.

It, too, has an irregular heartbeat and a hypertension detector. The main power source for this machine are 4 AAA batteries, while the product’s exact dimensions are: 104 x 64 x 128.5 mm.

Without taking the weight of the batteries into account, the machine alone, weighs only 245 gms.

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#5.Dr.Trust Blood Pressure Monitor Silver Line:

Best Blodd pressure monitors to buy online in India

This model comes with automatic inflation and deflation of the arm cuffs, along with an automatic shut-off feature.

It also comes with a low battery indicator and displays the date and time, at all time during use.

The exact product dimensions of this model, however are: 23 x 10 x 16 cm, while it weighs just 812 gms.

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