Best Blood Glucose Monitor to buy online in India in 2018

There are certain products whose importance can’t be measured in terms of money. Products with roots in medicine, generally come under this category.

A blood glucose monitor is priceless for a diabetic patient. The input for these devices is an individual’s blood, which the machine reads and on the screen comes the blood’s sugar level, the output.

For a diabetic patient, this machine becomes a part of their daily life, which is why a price can’t just be put on it. On the basis of their sugar level, they plan what to eat, when to eat and things like that.

Naturally, accuracy must be the most important criteria for purchase. However, it’s difficult to quantify factors that contribute to accuracy.

Perhaps, the brand name, reviews, people’s suggestions are a few things you can consider. Apart from accuracy, here are two other aspects that you can look at in products before making the your final decision.

Features: From an air conditioner to a blood glucose monitor, features have become an integral part in every product. Through the features that the products come with, a person’s need is satisfied. The more sophisticated and unique, the features, the greater the utility. Therefore, it’s imperative to look at the product’s features before purchase.

Convenience: Yes, it’s like stating the obvious. Choose to purchase a product that you feel is ‘convenient’ to use. The word convenience can have different meanings to different people. Some people might judge convenience by how easy it is to use a product, others might look at how portable one might be. Based on your definition, make an appropriate choice.

Five different models, along with a little bit of information about them, with the aim to make you a more informed consumer is given down below.

Top 5 Best Blood Glucose Monitor to buy online in India in 2018:

#1.Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer:

Best Blood Glucose monitor to buy online in India

Simplicity can be the noun to describe this product. Simple design, simple features and yet it fulfills the utility.

It’s a small glucose monitor that ergonomically designed and weighs just 227g. For it to display the output (blood sugar level), only 0.5 microliter of blood is required.

Once the machine has processed the blood, a beeping sound alerts the user. Along with the monitor, you also get 25 strips that act as a middleman in the process of converting input to output.

#2.Accu Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit:

top 5 best Blood Glucose monitors to buy online in India

This blood glucose monitor is a testament to how companies are giving the customers with options, in response to the change in times.

It’s easy to use, no doubt. It’s light and small, with exact product dimensions of 2 x 2 x 2 cm and a weight of 259g. But what makes it unique are its sophisticated features.

Double check your results, retrieve averages of your blood sugar level for the last 7 days and download test results. Isn’t it a testament to how companies have adapted to the changing times?

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#3.J&J One Touch Select Simple Glucometer:

Good quality and popular Blood Glucose monitors in India

Most of the companies look at simplicity while designing these products. J&J have tried to take it a step further by offering this model, which requires no coding and no set-up whatsoever.

Using it couldn’t be easier. It comes with 10 free strips and the product weighs 268g. The product uses colour as an indicator, along with sound, to indicate high and low blood sugar levels.

Not all diabetic people are inclined to be interested in medicine. Therefore, they may or may not know what the reading, that’s displayed on the monitor always means.

For such people, J&J have also included a reference card, with the aim to educate their customers along the way.

#4.Omron HGM-112 Glucometer:

Best Blood Glucose monitoring system in India

Omron have put a lot thought into designing this product. It comes with a large LCD and is extremely light.

To be precise, the exact product dimension and weight of the product are: 6.3 x 4.1 x 1.8 cm, and 27g, respectively.

Convenience has been duly addressed by ensuring that the customers need not break their heads upon any kind of coding, after the purchase of the product.

It happens automatically. Efficiency, too, is underlined by the way this machine works. It requires just 1 microliter of blood and in a matter of 5 seconds, the reading appears on the large LCD.

Another useful function that it comes with is the last memory recall function, that allows a person to re-check their readings for recording or accuracy purposes, as may be the case.

#5.Johnson & Johnson One Touch Ultra Easy Glucometer:

top 5 best blood glucose monitoring system to buy online in India

This is a very basic and easy to use glucometer that’s sold by Johnson & Johnson.

One touch and it starts to work. Extremely portable, small in size and light in weight. It comes with 10 free vial strips and a reference card, that indicates the levels of high and low blood sugar levels.

The memory feature isn’t too shabby either, with the patient having the option to check his/her 500, previous recordings.

Hope the list of best glucose monitoring systems are of help to you. Pick one according to your choice.

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