5 Best Bathroom Scales You Can Find Online in India

If you are conscious about your weight, then you have to check your weight daily.If you are also into the same category then a bathroom weighing machine is necessary at your home.

Having a bathroom weighing scale will motivate you about your work out and food diet. If you are looking for the best bathroom scale in India, then this article will help you to choose one.

These bathroom scales are picked based on positive user reviews and their popularity online.

Best Bathroom Weighing Scales to buy from online in India:

#1.Health Sense PS 126 Ultra-Lite Personal Scale:

Best bathroom scales to buy in India

The product is made up of plastic. It is a light weight product and is ideal for the bathroom.

Reading weight becomes easy with its white font on the display. The Step-On technology helps to get the quick results.

You can weigh yourself by standing over it. This is one of the top selling personal weighing scale online in India.

As it is light weighted, it is easy for you to place it anywhere in the home. The device has auto power off switch that saves the battery. Health sense weighing machine can weigh weights from 5 kg to 180 kg.

This is one of the best weighing scale to get accurate results.Definitely a best buy due to it’s features,quality and affordable cost.

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Health sense has released new weighing scale called PS 117 Glass top weighing scale and it looks great at very low price. Please check the review of PS-117 glass top digital personal weighing scale and is worth looking before buying one for you.


#2.Omron HN-286 Digital Weight Scale:

Top bathroom weighing machines in India

Omron weighing machine gives the accurate measurement in any situation. The tempered glass provided in it adds to the safety of the weighing machine.

This machine is very slim so it can be placed anywhere in the house. This is an ideal bathroom scale.

The scale has auto power off switch which will switch of itself if not in use for 16 seconds.

The four sensor technology in the device helps you to get the accurate measurement. The maximum weighing capacity of the device is 180 kg. The weight measurement can be read from the LCD screen display.

Go for it if you are looking for a quality and branded weighing machine for bathroom.

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#3.Equinox BR-9201 Analog Weighing Scale:

best bathroom analog weighing scale in IndiaEquinox weighing scale is an analog scale that has a long life. It is easy to read. 

This can be placed anywhere in the home. Do not use mat under the weighing scale as it may not give the accurate measurement of your weight.

Place the Equinox weighing scale in a flat surface and weigh the body weight. The product is made of durable construction.

There is always confusion on which type of weighing scale is accurate,whether analog or digital one. Each one has it’s own benefits,though most of the people these days prefer digital weighing scales.

If you are interested,here is the list of best analog weighing scales in India to check out for.

This weighing scale is trusted by thousands of users.Go for it if you are looking for an analog weighing scale .

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#4.Detek 009 LCD Digital Electronic Weighing Scale:

Best bathroom digital weighing machine in India

Detek digital electronic weighing machine is used as a bathroom scale. This scale has a digital LCD display to read the measurement.

The glass of the machine is too heavy and cannot be broken easily. Detek is made of Rust-Proof hence it is easy for you to clean the glass.

The device has auto power off switch to save the life of the battery. The average weight is 5 kg and the maximum weight is 136 kg. 

It can be a convenient way of weighing your body weight. The disadvantage is,the machine will not be of much use from safety perspective if you are weighing around 100 kgs.

Go for it if you are looking for a bathroom weighing scale which is made of glass .

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#5.Health genie HD-221 Digital Weighing Scale Silver Pattern:

Best bathroom weighing scale to buy from online in India

This is the last one in our top bathroom weighing scales list. The product is designed with tempered glass and is non breakable.

The health genie weighing scale is made with the Sense On technology which switches on the device when you stand upon it.

The auto power off technology conserves the battery in the device.

It has got most of the features mentioned in other models here.The plus points are attractive look and availability in different colours.

Go for it if you are looking for an attractive bathroom weighing scale that matches your home.

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These are some of the best bathroom scales that are available for sale online in India. Go and get the best one that fits your requirement. Share the one which you selected with us through the comment form below.

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