4 Best Baby Weighing Machines You Can Buy For Your Baby in India

It is very important to check the weight of your baby as he grows day by day. By checking the weight of the baby, you can get to know whether the baby is getting enough food or not.

Here is an interesting article to get to more about how to measure baby weight and why it needs to be measured regularly.

You will have to consider many things before buying a weighing scale for your baby and here is the list of things to consider before picking baby weighing scale .

Now that you have understood why checking the weight of the baby is very essential, let us see the best baby weighing machines available in the Indian market.

Best Baby Weighing Machine in India

Best Baby Weighing Machine in India:

Below are the 4 best weighing machines for babies. The baby scales are picked based on user reviews and popularity online.You can select one that suits your requirement.

#1.Equinox BE-EQ 22 Baby Digital Weighing Scale:

Best baby weighing machine to buy from online in India

Its comes in pure white color. It has a delta weight function which will display the previous weight and can show the difference between the current and the previous weight.

It can weigh up to 20 kilograms. The battery of this weighing scale is alkaline and so it won’t get damaged easily.

There is a sound indicator which will produce a sound when the battery has low power or when overload is placed on the weighing device.

This looks very nice and comes with good quality so that you can keep your baby safe and check weight with out any issue.

Go for this best baby weighing scale from Equinox if you are looking for a quality and branded baby scale.


#2.MCP Electronic Digital Baby Infant Pet Bathroom Weighing Scale, 20 Kgs, White:

Best baby weighing machines in india

This weighing scale is made of plastic and so it can be cleaned very easily. It also comes in white color.  

The result is displayed in various units like kilograms, pounds or stones.. It can weigh up to 20 kilograms. As it is white in color, it attracts dust very easily.

You need to clean the weighing device frequently. The readings are displayed on the LCD digital display screen. It also has a sound indicator like the previous model which indicates for low battery and over weight.

This weighing scale is equipped with a high precision strain gauge and a high performance cpu ensuring accurate weight of your baby.

It is kind of flat scale when you compare with other weighing scales for babies and that may sometimes be a problem if you want to check weight for below 1 year age babies.

This weighing scales looks cool and is available at an affordable price.


#3.Salter Baby and Toddler Scale Model 914:

Top baby weighing scales in India

It is the best weighing device to keep your baby safe in the tray. Tray is made of quality material which will cause no damage to your babies skin.  

It has a hold function present in the device which is used to keep the weight steady for few minutes even when you take the baby out of the weighing scale.

The results are displayed on the LCD screen display. It is considered as the safest weighing scale for babies.

It can be converted to Stand-on weighing scale by simply removing the tray.

This is bit pricey if you compare it with other baby weighing machines but worth the price due to it’s quality and results.

Go for it if you are looking for a branded weighing scale for your baby which doesn’t do any harm and provides accurate results.


#4.Smart Care Digital Baby Scale SCS 2010:

Best baby weighing machine in India

Instead of going to the hospital for checking the weight of your baby, you can buy this weighing machine and check your baby weight frequently at the comfort of your home.

You can save your time and money. This device can measure up to 15 kilograms. This product has a one year warranty.  

The battery of the weighing scale is alkaline and so it doesn’t get damaged easily.

This is made of plastic and comes with very nice tray to hold baby which doesn’t cause any cuts or bruises on baby skin.

The balance of this scale will ensure that your baby’s body rests perfectly aligned and gives accurate results.

The above four are the best weighing machines for babies in India which you can find online in India.

When choosing a baby weighing machine make sure, it is soft and will not cause any damage to your babies skin. Avoid weighing machines with sharp edges. Consider the age of your baby and decide the right model.

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